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R E C O M M E N D E D   B O O K S

DC Comics Guide to
Coloring & Lettering

30% off - only $13.97

Comic Book Lettering:
The Comicraft Way

only $9.95

Writer's Guide to the Business of Comics
List Price: $16.95

DC Guide to
Inking Comics

List Price: $19.95

Digital Prepress
for Comic Books

List Price: $36.95

DC Guide to
Pencilling Comics

List Price: $19.95

How to Self-Publish
your own Comic Book

List Price: $19.95

DC Guide to
Writing Comics

List Price: $19.95

Wizard: How To Draw
from Wizard Magazine
$29.99 - Best Price!

Perspective for
Comic Book Artists

List Price: $13.57

How to Draw Comics
the Marvel Way

List Price: $10.88

The Art of Comic
Book Inking

List Price: $10.17