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Penciller wanted for a Superhero Comic


I'm an aspiring comic book writer under the pen name Chocolate Muse and I'm the leader of a team working to put together a superhero comic that we hope to submit for print or at the very least turn into a webcomic. Currently, we're in the market for a talented penciller who specializes in western comic book style but we are open to other styles as a compromise as long as it fits our project.

Synopsis :

The story is about a fame obsessed young woman who has always lived in her elder twin sister's shadow. She finally gets a chance to outdo her successful twin after she intrudes upon a meeting of unsavory characters. The resulting near death experience turns out to be a blessing in disguise after her extraordinary powers start to manifest. After some initial reluctance, our heroine takes advantage of the situation to exact revenge on the terrorists who tried to murder her. However, her quest for vengeance often becomes sidetracked by the rigors of being a college student, her tendency to use her powers for personal gain, and her slowly diminishing personal life, as a result of her superhero duties. Eventually, the heroine learns that while her new life as a superhero has given her a chance to have her very own moment in the sun, it is not without its costs.

In addition, here's a piece of the script from the prologue to further pique the interest of any willing collaborators :

* Prologue Begin *

Page 1

Panel One

The scene displays a hilly area overlooking a quiet highway near Lompoc, CA, USA. The point of view allows for oncoming traffic to be seen. The road features a wide turn and large hill that blocks oncoming vehicles from view up to a certain point.

Panel Two

Suddenly, a four vehicle military convoy consisting of three Humvees appears, one in particular has a mounted gun (M240 7.62 mm machine guns ) that is manually operated by a soldier and one heavy equipment transport system ( PLS variant M915 ). The M915 is positioned third in the convoy with the Humvees around it. The convoy advances around the corner down the road towards the reader. The point of view is mostly focused on the vehicles in the convoy.

Page 2

Panel One

After the M915 truck has almost passed, the camera view shifts outward and viewers can make out a mysterious figure on a dirt-bike scouting out the scene from a nearby hill.

Panel Two

Upon closer inspection, it appears to be a male dressed in hazmat gear. His face is the main focus of the panel, seen slightly from underneath at an angle. The man is watching the convoy pass like a hawk, as if scouting it out. The most unusual accessory on his person is the rifle bag he carries on his back.

Panel Three

After the convoy has passed, the mysterious man drives off on his bike. The man is seen from an aerial side POV as he rides along the edge of the cliff overlooking the highway.

Page 3

Panel One

The cabin of the M915 is the focus of the panel as the vehicle travels steadily down the road. The camera view rests in the upper right hand corner. This gives the reader a side aerial view of the truck.

Panel Two

Now the inside of the cabin is shown. Two soldiers, one Caucasian and the other African-American operate the vehicle (PFC Beck & SPC. Dodson). The two servicemen engage in some light conversation to break up the boredom.

PFC. Beck: " Hey, Dodson. You got any idea what tha' hell it is we're movin’? "

SPC. Dodson: * previously resting his eyes, sighs in exasperation * " You woke me up just t' ask me that? Shit if I know. Just wake me up when we get close t' da' base, man. "

Panel Three

POV has the reader looking at Beck, whose looking over at Dodson. Beck has a sly, knowing look on his face.

Beck: “C’mon…. I know ya heard somethin'. Share some of that classified knowledge with tha' rest of the class. "

Panel Four

Dodson is seen with his eyes still closed but with a hand partially covering his face, positioned closest to the reader. Beck can also be seen further away with his eyes on the road, driving.

Dodson: “A’ight, look. I heard it's some type a' super-soldier chemical. “* facial expression shows slight annoyance with Beck's questions, still maintaining same position mentioned above *

Beck: “Are you shittin' me? Like in Captain America? Fftt, I'm startin’ to get worried about you, Dodson. I think you really believe you're living in one a' those superhero comics you like readin' so much. It's time for you t' put childish things away n' get serious about life. You n' Kendelle are expecting' a baby girl soon, right? “* keeps his eyes on the road but his smile shows his skepticism toward Dodson's claims *

Panel Five

This time the camera view displays Dodson's reaction to Beck' patronizing behavior.

Dodson: * has a small but warm smile as he speaks * “Yeah, mayne. Kendelle's supposed to go into labor next week. I can't wait to go home and see my family. "

Page 4

Panel One

Camera is set on a side view of Beck's face while he responds to Dodson. Dodson can also be seen returning to his nap (large picture)

Beck: “Nice, bro. So....did you cry like a bitch when she told you she was pregnant?” * smirks *

Dodson: " .....Asshole. “* clearly annoyed by Beck's comment *

Page 5

Panel One

All four vehicles can be seen making their way to their destination. The point of view seems to show the vehicles coming towards the reader. The rest of the landscape can be seen as well (full page).

Page 6

Panel One

The camera rests on Beck's right side as he drives the vehicle. Something catches his eye and he takes a moment to glance out the driver side window as the convoy passes.

Panel Two

Three men of Middle Eastern descent can be seen on the side of the road. Two argue or are in discussion while another older man works under the hood of a black 2011 Chevy Tahoe


Beck: " Sucks t' be them. Over nine'ny degrees today. "

(Speaking cloud is seen but his face is not. Point of view is giving the impression the reader is seeing the men through Beck's eyes)

Panel Three

Dodson is shown still trying to catch some Zs. He's resting with his head bent slightly forward; his closed eyes are partially covered by his hand and he's somewhat leaning backward in his seat.

Dodson: “Mmm-hmm."

Panel Four

The camera is set fairly close to the side, at an angle and focused on the middle-aged man working on the vehicle. The point of view allows readers to see the man's face overlooking the car parts

under the hood as he works. In the background, the last portion of the M915 and the last vehicle in the convoy can be seen passing by.

Panel Five

A few minutes after the convoy has passed, the man doing maintenance on the SUV slams down the hood.
This gives the readers a close up view of his face and upper body. He greets the reader with a steely-eyed look that gives the impression that he is looking straight at them.

Page 7

Panel One

The man who was previously working on the vehicle reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cellphone. The movements of his hand imply he is texting or sending a message of some kind with his phone.

(The man can only be seen from the waist up, point of view is from the bottom-up and somewhat off center. He's also only seen texting with one hand, the part where he pulled the cellphone from his pocket is just implied)

Panel Two

The camera is set on the man's phone. It gives the readers a view of the message he has sent: “Target Sighted. Get into position. "

Panel Three

The man ends his message and briefly looks off into the distance, still maintaining his steely-eyed expression.

Panel Four

He looks over his shoulder and speaks to his two traveling companions.

(Point of view gives a look at the speaking man's face, centered but fairly close. Only his face, neck region and a bit of his shoulders are seen)

Mysterious Man: “It’s time.”

Panel Five

The two other men immediately end their conversation after hearing these words. They proceed to walk over to the SUV, where the older man has made his way to the back of the vehicle and already popped the trunk. As the two men walk over, the middle-aged man can be seen looking intently at whatever is in the trunk.

Panel Six

Point of view gives the reader a slight angled overhead look of what's in the trunk. It's revealed that the men have been carrying an assortment of assault weapons, including a grenade launcher. There are also gray hazmat suits in the truck, a power heavy-duty power cutter and welding equipment .....

If any there's any pencillers interested in joining our project, please don't hesitate to contact me through my gmail account : chocolatemusethawriter@gmail.com. I'll try my best to answer questions you might have.

Best regards,

Chocolate Muse
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