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Spikings is on a distinguished road

Name: Hannah Spikings

Location: Preston, UK

Skill Interests: The whole kaboodle. But particularly pencilling.

Current Womanthology Contributor? Nope, I'm a newbie here.

Tell us about yourself! I'm currently studying Games Design and nearing the end of my first year at uni. When I'm not hyperventilating over multiple deadlines, I'm developing my own graphic novel project, listening to a myriad of music, catching up on sleep, drinking tea and occasionally socialising with mates at the pub. ;D

Goal in Comics: To take something existant in comics, and make it new all over again and revitalise what got us all into this thang in the first place.

Website: and

Work Example:
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steph68a is on a distinguished road

Name: Stephanie Male

Location: Bristol/Somerset, UK (I move between the two)

Skill Interests: Everything, mainly colouring these days though.

Current Womanthology Contributor?
I wish.

Tell us about yourself! Currently studying Drawing and Applied Art in Bristol. Doing some typography work for my degree show (Although I really wanted to do comics) Usually the themes of my work are autobio, based around death and the memory of loved ones. I've also been doodling a crime noir styled comic which I'm hoping to eventually adapt into a webcomic.

Goal in Comics: To continually make them, whether as a career or just for fun and satisfy myself.

Website: and also Oh AND

Work Example: (An old daily comic- I've gotten better....honest!)
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Writer, Oddball, Figment
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shalahoyden is on a distinguished road

I forgot that we had a new forum, guess I gotta start over

Name: Heather Royston

Location: Orange Park, Florida

Skill Interests: Writing

Current Womanthology Contributor? "And You Will Know Them by the Rake of Their Hats" from "Heroic."

Tell us about yourself! - I write whenever I get through the fog of nonsense that life tends to have. I make eyeglasses for a living, I'm married with one cat (Stitch), and I have a love of socks.

Goal in Comics: I'd love to develop a character to make an ongoing series of (probably horror or scifi) comics about. It's something I think about quite often but haven't had any fruitful ideas yet. But my brainmeats tell me one is coming!


Work Example: I have a story on my deviant art page that I'm developing into a comic.
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Shae is on a distinguished road

Name: Corbie Cordova

Location: Colorado

Skill Interests: Writing, Pencilling, Character Design

Current Womanthology Contributor? (Heroic, Sketchbook, Holiday PDF): Not yet, but that'd be awesome!

Tell us about yourself! - I'm a young artist and writer who loves meeting new people, analyzing characters, and reading comic books as well as doing martial arts. I'm hopefully going to be able to go to England this coming September to visit someone who has become one of my best friends and is like an older sister. She's also the one that got me into Doctor Who. XD Ten was my Doctor. I love reading as well, and currently my favorite series is the Skulduggery Pleasant Series by Derek Landy. My favorite comicbook characters are Static Shock, Harley Quinn, Joker, Guy Gardner, Deadpool, Rogue and Stephanie Brown.

Goal in Comics: To write and illustrate my own graphic novel as well as hopefully work with a company one day.


Work Example:

The Doctor and Donna Noble (C) BBC

Last edited by Shae; 03-18-2012 at 02:22 PM. Reason: Forgot to include a sample of my work. Sorry.
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lilyinblue is on a distinguished road

Name: Susan Harlow

Location: Boston, MA

Skill Interests: Coloring, Digital Painting, Animation

Current Womanthology Contributor?: No, but I would absolutely love to be.

Tell us about yourself! - When I was a little girl, I had lots of crayons. Now, I still have lots of crayons, but I also have a wacom tablet and a lot of software. I am currently an interactive designer focusing on web and miscellaneous digital media for a Boston-based advertising/branding agency. However, I often claim to spend 95% of my time thinking about super heroes.

Goal in Comics: I want to build a world. I want to design the hearts and minds of the people living in it... and tell their stories. Comics are a passion project. It's a labor of love. I think the first step, however, is doing what I'm best at... and treating the comic book page as my own personal coloring book.

Website: (I'm working on re-building my actual website and can't bear to let it be seen right now!)

Work Example:

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Kaileigh Blue
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Kaileigh Blue is on a distinguished road

Name: Andrea Toney, but only I generally go by KB

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Skill Interests: Pencilling, Coloring

Current Womanthology Contributor? No

Tell us about yourself!: Originally a manga fan since that's what we all did. Now a Marvel fan. Didn't start reading comics until after high school. Didn't really know there was anything other than what you can pick up at a store for a while. Prefer Superhero comic styled art and Disney.

I live with my comic's co-writer and do comic and pin-up commissions for spare cash.

I like movies with manly guys and explosions and long walks on the beach.
Goal in Comics: I genuinely want to work for Marvel as a penciller or colorist. I'd settle for DC or Aspen. Until I'm ready I hope to eventually finish my comic.


Work Example:
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rougzjewel is on a distinguished road

Wink Comic Flatter

Hello guys!

I am Sheena, Im a professional Comic flatter, am available for full-time and long-term flatting jobs. I am very flexible and I can also meet your deadlines.If you are interested in working with me, you can send me an email at's my link:
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AliWilgus is on a distinguished road

Name: Alison Wilgus

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Skill Interests: Writing, mostly, but I can draw well enough!

Current Womanthology Contributor? Sadly, no!

Tell us about yourself! I've somehow managed to make a sort of living out of being a giant nerd; I care very deeply about storytelling in general and comics in particular; I am really, REALLY ready to be finished with revision on my graphic novel.

Goal in Comics: To craft narratives that people care about.

Website: or

Work example:

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ehvulpants is on a distinguished road

Name: Rebecca Vadnie

Location: Orlando, Florida

Skill Interests: Pen and ink, lettering, pencilling, coloring, digital comics-making, coffee drinking. Oh, wait, that's not a skill is it?...

Current Womanthology Contributor? Not yet, but I've been following the story for a while and the concept is really exciting.

Tell us about yourself! I graduated from college with a BA in creative writing and worked for a newspaper for several years before going to work for a non-profit. I've always drawn and loved comics, but it wasn't until a friend told me about her story Dark Sky Rising that I ever considered doing anything like it myself. I've had to teach myself a lot along the way, practicing all the time, and looking to artists I love to see what I can learn. As much as I enjoy making art, I've found the learning process to be just as much fun. I have also finally accepted that due to my particular skill set, I will always be over-caffeinated and underpaid. Woo!

Goal in Comics: To work on and publish stories that are engaging and don't leave women out of the adventure game.

Website: and

Work Example:

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JenMercer is on a distinguished road

Name: Jennifer Mercer

Location: Ocala, Fl

Skill Interests: Pencilling, Inking, Coloring

Current Womanthology Contributor? (Heroic): Pinup artist on Heroic

Tell us about yourself! - I'm a martial arts nut, sci fi movie nut (particularly Star wars), dog nut, music nut... Hmmm. I'm just a nut!! LOL!

Goal in Comics: To do cover work and possibly create my own book.


Work Example: Something I've been playing with for a while. Just now finding the time to finish it. Hoping to color this traditionally AND digitally (getting my first drawing tablet this weekend!! WOOHOO!!)
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coughingfish is on a distinguished road

Name: Catherine Miller

Location: Panama City, FL (Seems like there's a lot of Floridians in here!)

Skill Interests: Pencilling, Inking, Colouring, dabbling in writing

Current Womanthology Contributor? (Heroic, Sketchbook, Holiday PDF): No

Tell us about yourself! - I grew up knowing that art was not the best idea for a career choice and ended up with a degree in it anyways.

If I'm not tinkering with personal world-building projects, I'm usually enjoying a good read or catching up on animated movie releases. Some things are nice to not outgrow!

Goal in Comics: Well, the yearly goal is to produce some finished comics.

Website: or (blog)

Work Example: One of my rough illutweets.

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Teresa Jusino
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Teresa Jusino is on a distinguished road


Hello everyone!

I'm so bad about participating, "lurking" instead, but I want to change that, as I love the sense of community this book has engendered! are my stats!

Name: Teresa Jusino

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Skill Interests: Writing, writing, and writing. (I WISH I could draw. Stick figures are as far as I go!) Also, as far as non-creative skills that I'd be willing to offer, I have extensive experience in entertainment PR/marketing as well as event planning. So, if you need any volunteers to write a press release or organize a reading/signing/etc, I'm your woman!

Current Womanthology Contributor? Nope. But I hope to be in the future!

Tell us about yourself! I am a sci-fi television and comics geek, as well as a pro writer for and ChinaShop Magazine. I also write for on occasion, have been published in the book Whedonistas (Mad Norwegian Press), in the sci-fi journal Crossed Genres, and will be in two upcoming anthologies in the coming year. I'm also a recent West Coast transplant, having arrived in L.A. a little over six months ago from New York. I came out here to pursue a career in television, though I'll pretty much write fiction of any type for anyone who'll pay me.

Goal in Comics: I want to write for comics, because I love reading them, and because I feel like it's important for me, as a Puerto Rican woman, to be involved in the industry. I see it as not only a way for me to be creative, but also as an inherently political act. I want to provide a voice in comics for brown people with ovaries. Eventually, I would love to have a creator-owned ongoing series at either Image or Vertigo. I would also kill to write some Doctor Who or Star Trek for IDW! Lastly, if the planets aligned and Paul Cornell's Saucer Country continued without him at Vertigo, I would love to write some of that.


Work Example: all of my work can be linked to through the blog above, or through my Facebook Page. However, here's a review I wrote of the Kick-Ass film that focuses on why Hit Girl is so important. I'm still proud of this one.

Looking forward to chatting with you all soon!

- Teresa
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Rebelespresso is on a distinguished road

Hi! I added my name to the sign up but thought it'd be good to do so here as well

Name: Kimberley Newey

Location: Currently West Sussex, England. Hoping to move back to Vancouver, Canada where I am from this summer.

Skill Interests: Writing

Current Womanthology Contributor? Alas, no but hopefully soon I will be!

Tell us about yourself! - I'm a big geek. I am a Whedonist (Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse, XMen, Avengers, Dr. Horrible, oh my!), and passionate about great stories, especially ones that tap into metaphorical ideas about what it means to be human, and/or stories that help us see ourselves better or inspire us to be better. I'm Canadian but have lived in England and California briefly as well. I have an MA in Writing for the Media and a BA in Communications and have been writing scripts mostly for film and tv since 2003. I wrote my first comic script for the Dead Roots comic anthology in 2010, and discovered the intensely creative and awarding world of writing comics. Comics tap into a part of me that writing for other mediums does not.

Goal in Comics: To write the kind of stories that I have always loved. Stories that inspire people to move beyond their circumstances, or that give life to a feeling or idea. Also, simply to tell great stories, work with incredible artists and enjoy the visual medium.

Website: still a work in progress but -

Sample of work? Check out "Dead Roots" February update for a little sneak preview:

You can also see a non-comic sample of my creative script writing by watching the trailer for my award winning short film:

Thanks Now I've got to read through all your posts and catch up on who all's involved.
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StineBrunson is on a distinguished road

Wow, lots of talented creators here.

Name: Christine Brunson (nickname: Stine)

Location: Summerville, South Carolina

Skill Interests: Coloring, Writing

Current Womanthology Contributor? (Heroic, Sketchbook, Holiday PDF): Not yet.

Tell us about yourself! - I'm a short, red haired twin who loves comics, reading novels, picking on her husband, and making her son giggle. I have always wanted to work in comics but gave up on it because I didn't believe that I was good enough. After the birth of my son, I decided that I should pursue my dream while I still have time and to show him that you can achieve your dreams. Now I write and color my zombie comedy webcomic Undead norm and I have written and colored another four page story called "Stone Whisperers" for an anthology called Indie Attack which will be published soon.

Goal in Comics: To have fun while creating stories for people of all walks of life and improving my skills.


Work Example:

This one is drawn, inked, and colored all by me.

Here's a page from my webcomic. The lineart is done by Melanie Florencio and the colors by me.
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Potato Exorcist
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AshleyRiot is on a distinguished road

Name: Ashley Riot

Location: Chicago, IL

Skill Interests: Pencilling, Coloring, Inking

Current Womanthology Contributor?
(Heroic, Sketchbook, Holiday PDF): None, but very interested in being a part of Womanthology!

Tell us about yourself!
- Sci-fi and horror fan girl to the max Loves good retro music and classic films. Also a huge gamer, owning all consoles including a Virtual Boy! My baby is my little black kitty, Widget.

Goal in Comics: To tell the stories in my head that I think are cool. To focus on genres that aren't usually focused on. Also I want to help and inspire young girls out there and empower them with my characters.


Work Example (just one please! There will be a forum available to showcase all of it! )

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