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Chromatic Press submissions

Hi guys. This isn't part of Womanthology but it might be of interest to female creators. Chromatic Press is a new digital publisher formed by former Tokyopop editors, and they're looking for comics to go into their multimedia digital magazine, 'Sparkler Monthly.' I don't know any other details beyond that, but I did email for the pitch requirements.

We are, first and foremost, looking for strong, entertaining stories. We’re a
predominantly Female Gaze publication, looking for works that will appeal mainly to
girls and women in their late teens and 20s who already have an interest in geek media--
manga, webcomics, fanfiction, video games, etc. We’re primarily interested in works in
the romance, fantasy, urban fantasy, and science fiction genres, although we're flexible if
you have an interesting proposal in another genre.

We’re also dedicated to promoting works with diverse casts of characters, and being
a platform for stories that aren’t heard often enough in mainstream media. We want
characters of different races, religions, and cultures; gay and straight love stories;
complex and sympathetic portrayals of people with disabilities or mental illnesses. And
we want compelling, complicated female characters who don't fall into the same old
boring stereotypes.
Is anybody interested? If so, I would love to chat about possible ideas and/ or thoughts about this. The stuff they're looking for seems right up my alley. I'm primarily an artist, and I'm trying to come up with a story that would fit into this. Anyway, just thought I'd leave this here, since it has me excited.
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i'm interested

I really like this. I am an artist my self and I think this is a great idea. are they still accepting artists?
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The submissions info is a little buried, but you can find it via their Contact section:

Quote: "Please see our Submissions page on if you’re interested in pitching or applying to Sparkler Monthly."

Quote: "...our open submission seasons are offered as blocks of time. See the table below and please do not submit earlier than the first date or later than the last date, or your submission could be lost entirely."

Hope that helps those that are interested.

- t
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I'm interested, too, as a writer.
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