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Smile Comic Thumbnail Rates

Hello artists,

I'm wondering what some of you might regard fair rates for creating comic thumbnails. Sometimes (as a writer), I want a glimmer of what a page might look like based on my script. I also want to get a feel for the pacing and experiment with layouts. A thumbnailed issue might help me identify what I may need to modify/fix, or provide me further inspiration at the very least.

Obviously, the level of thumbnail detail would affect the rates. So, here's some examples I googled to provide some context.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

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Sorry, but I think you are putting the cart in front of the horses here with your request.

The thumbnail stage is the intellectual inception of the graphic material, the comics page in this case, in rough state. The visualization. The graphic building of the page.
All the main graphic problems, panel distribution, composition, lettering placement, perspective, proportion, pacing and narrative are solved at this thumbnail state.
Over a given script, each artist will have his own visualization. And the thumbnail will be different. And the whole RESULT, effect and impact of the page will be different.
Such VISUALIZATION would be the result of each artist skills and of his own graphic narrative concept.
This is the most important step on the penciled page and CANNOT be charged less than the 75% of the final price for the penciled page. Conceptual Art.
Each scripted page would look like 100 thousand times different if drawn by 100 thousand different artists.
In brief, the thumbnail is a consequence of the written script and not otherwise.

From these 3 examples you are showing there, two can go straight to inking and be charged 100% as final pencils if inked by the same artist or by someone else.

The third example, these Sean Phillips thumbnails for 7 PSYCHOPATHS, may need some more drawing on top of it
and therefore these thumbnails can be charged as 75% of the final price for the penciled page, on Sean's Phillips page rates.
Also, as you can see, these thumbnail pages were made by Sean Phillips AFTER Ed Brubaker passed to him the final script, not BEFORE.
These thumbnails weren't made for help or for showing Brubaker how to make his script.

As comics writer you should be able to come up with your own visualization, your own PROSE or cinematic vision before to pass the script to any artist for drawing, on thumbnails or as final page. IMHO.
For what I see, what you need here is a co-writer or editor, not an artist.
Art style is an intentional restriction.
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This would basically amount to comics-style storyboarding so maybe research some kind of standard rate for storyboards..? I've actually done a bunch of this type of work but in my instance a tight turnaround time usually played a factor in the rate (paid per project not a page rate) so I was paid a little bit more than it would be under more casual circumstances.
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