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J9Naimoli is on a distinguished road

Writing comics ROCKS.

Name: Janine Naimoli Frederick

Website: www.JanineFrederick.com (currently in redevelopment)

Email Address: j9naimoli@hotmail.com

A Little About Yourself: Besides being an aspiring comic writer, I'm a web programmer by day, and a volunteer auxiliary police officer in my free time.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Nope!

Womanthology story idea: Thousands of years ago, a seemingly barren young Mesoamerican woman who has been designated for sacrifice is abducted from her Teotihuacan village by aliens in large, hovering spaceships. These aliens, however, are actually human beings from the 28th century who have traveled back in time to harvest pure human RNA and DNA needed to save the future human race from a disease which is altering their genetic makeup so severely that it breaks down cellular cohesion. When the young woman is returned to her people by the ‘aliens’, she is celebrated and regarded as the living incarnation of The Great goddess, Chalchiuhtlicue.

Sample of Work:
  • 2nd Place Zuda Comics finalist for Aleksander Christov: Assassin in March, 2010
  • Space Sickness (An 8-page story about an astronaut who goes crazy while on an extended space mission. This was part of a Space-themed anthology for Pronto Comics)
  • Awaken (A 5-page preview story for a 4-issue series I'm currently pitching that was featured in the Out of Our Minds: Tales From the Comics Experience anthology)
  • Hudson Valley Zombie Apocalypse Graphic Novel (anthology)-- not yet released (An 8-page comic-based expansion of part of the previously published prose novel, Hudson Valley Zombie Apocalypse)
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Grace Miner
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Grace Miner is on a distinguished road

Name: Grace Miner (Almost 9!)

Website: http://www.5minutemarvels.com

Email Address: tim_miner73 at hotmail dot com (Dad's e-mail.)

A Little About Yourself: Gracie is a third grader who loves to dance, draw and tell tall tales. When she was 6, she started doing 5- to 10-minute sketches of superheroes and cartoons several nights a week. After a while, she began to draw with artists from around the world and post them on her blog, 5 Minute Marvels, where she draws with her dad and sister, Cate (7). She was recently interviewed about her participation in Womanthology: Heroic on GeekMom.com: http://www.geekmom.com/2012/04/congr...ts-part-three/

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Yes. She was one of the youngest contributers in Heroic, writing and drawing "Paula Pansy" and "Jingle Jangles, the Mystery Elf" for the Stocking Stuffer PDF.

Samples of Work: Grace's work is up on the blog. And, you can hear her thoughts on the two-year anniversary of 5MM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm4IPbRQebw

Ideas on Story: She's still ruminating, but is considering Paula Pansy in Space or the story of Bob, a living rocket ship exploring the galaxy. She was working on it ... but then dad made her go to bed.
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JacquelynErdman is on a distinguished road

Submission Idea - The Azy

Name: Jacquelyn Erdman

Website: http://the-artist-librarian.com

Email Address: jacquelynerdman@hotmail.com

A Little About Yourself: I am in the transition to become a mostly artist and a part time librarian! Reversing the roles is hard. So I appreciate opportunities like this one to help me mentally/physically/spiritually change gears.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Nope! But I was one of the backers!

Sample of Work: The Azy are the parallel selves that each of us have. My story revolves around a world where this gate between the Azy are opened and you can truly see the "if's" of the world. If I had gone to school. If I had married someone else. All these alternative realities exist. But there are also social effects, such as, if one of your Azy passed away, would you mourn for, in essence, yourself?

I have the world/story more solidified than the artwork right now as I haven't really create many comic quality drawings!

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TheOxfordPixie is on a distinguished road

Name: Jenni Goodchild

Website: www.goodreads.com/theoxfordpixie is what I'm using for now, currently trying to separate out personal stuff from crafty/writing stuff

Email Address: jennifer.goodchild@gmail.com

A Little About Yourself: I'm a finalist (exams in May) at Oxford, doing Philosophy and Theology, so I've been super busy the past couple of months. I act, make things, and volunteer at museums with kids. I'm looking forward to being able to do lots more when I graduate!

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Yes, wrote something for Heroic which was illustrated by Sherri Rose.

Womanthology story idea: A young girl stows away on a spaceship, only to find it's sentinent, lonely, and decides she's to be it's new best friend.

Sample of Work: I haven't much available right now, but I'm hoping to get some up in (probably free) e-book form soon. Hopefully within the next two weeks there'll be at least one or two bits and pieces go up on my goodreads page.
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ealperin is on a distinguished road


Name: Esther Alperin

Website: http://ealperin.Tumblr.com for semi-daily comic book-related thoughts, and reblogs on numerous things on my mind, throughout the day.

Email Address: ealperin@yahoo.com

A Little About Yourself: Born a preemie at 545 grams-a little over a pound. Love comic books, and great superhero and female-led tv shows and movies, as a kid, while growing up in the 90's and 00's.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Nope! It would be really awesome if I did, though! Then I can show my mom that my name's actually published in a fantastic project!

Womanthology story idea: (Sorry that this is more than one tagline... :-/)

Who is Josephine "Jo" Silvers? That's what Metahuman coroner, and Superheroine, Josephine "Jo" Silvers, and her partner, former Detective Katherine "Katy" Mallory are still trying to figure out.

When a mysterious woman shows up, without notice, at a restaurant that Katy and Jo both go to, and tells them to go with her, just as gossip columnist Jessica Stein is hot on their trail, will they both be able to escape the media storm that's about to come?

Sample of Work: See my "Mask" story, so far, here: http://ealperinsmask.Tumblr.com

And my fanfiction.net stories are, here, if you want to see stories that I haven't finished: http://m.fanfiction.net/u/1280891/ealperin.

I'm planning to put my first novel based off of these original characters as a free e-book, later on.

The "sequel" may be in comic book form via a selected artist up on the fantastic Make Your Own Then Tumblr, here: http://makeyourownthen.tumblr.com/ while the third bit is on here! I can even do holiday themed stories, with the main characters, if you'd like me to!
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JessDaniel is on a distinguished road

Name: Jessica Daniel

Website: http://suchnonesuch.wordpress.com/ Erratic blogging on anything and everything with some flash fiction thrown in here and there.

Email Address: JessRDaniel@gmail.com

A Little About Yourself: I am freelance writer and editor, but my first love is writing fiction. I have a couple of awesomely geeky kids who share my obsession with Doctor Who, Neil Gaiman and comics (although the ones I read are usually filled with dark themes and morally ambiguous characters).

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Wrote "Veil Between Realms" for Womanthology:Heroic and also wrote "The Girl and the Hunt" for the holiday PDF

Womanthology story idea: Mercenary Jane isn't just a gun for hire; her loyalties lie somewhere out in the galaxy where her most lucrative job yet is the one that doesn't pay in money but in freedom, and the things she learned during a lifetime of mercenary work might just be enough to take down the Planetary Coalition.

Sample of Work: My main current project is a post-apocalyptic graphic novel called Nyctalopia. Sample pages of the first chapter are up on the website: http://www.nyctalopia.net/
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Twyliet is on a distinguished road

Thought I might throw out a more space themed story line!

In deep space your likely to find anything; but a grocery store?!
Space Banana's is a staple for all deep space travelers, but when
it comes under attack by the less likely invaders, its up to the store
clerks to defend their store!
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Marta is on a distinguished road

Name: Marta Tanrikulu

Website: tanmar.biz (no comics there, though)

Email Address: marta@tanmar.biz

A Little About Yourself: I'm still fairly new to comics writing and my approach has been aiming to write a short script each month for critique, even if they don't end up illustrated. I'm also working on flash fiction.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before? No, just saw a copy of the first issue, though.

Sample of Work: Two short comics stories (5 and 10 pages), both related to future scientists, will be appearing soon in anthologies, and I've had a couple of short scripts in other genres picked up by an indie publisher. My next project will be developing a couple of alternate history ideas into longer stories.
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mswuff is on a distinguished road

writer wants to sign up!

Name: Trina Robbins
Email: mswuff@juno.com
Website: trinarobbins.com
About me: I've been writing comics for about 40 years.
Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Yes, the last one.
Sample of Work:I'd love to do another Octobriana story with Karen Ellis, but I'm open.
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GrimMoira is on a distinguished road

Womanthology Writer Sign up

Name: Aileen Balucanag

Website: http://grimcirco.blogspot.com/

Email Address: aileen.solomon@gmail.com

A Little About Yourself: Librarian by day. I like a lot of things, cats, games, books, anime, movies, cycling, to name a few.
I love writing but didn't get around doing anything about it until I started collaborating with L.M. Silva last year. We got into two anthologies so far, Gurukitty Studios' Ghost Tales Anthology 2011 and Indie Ladies Comic Anthology 2012.
We recently started a webcomic, :EPOCH Files.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: No but I would love to!

Sample of Work: Twelve different people from different backgrounds, who met in college, became good friends and eventually became travel companions. What they didn’t know was they were being watched by an organization called ‘The Bureau’.
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savvyliterate is on a distinguished road

Name: Megan Lavey-Heaton

Website: www.namesakecomic.com

Email Address: savvyliterate@gmail.com

A Little About Yourself: I'm co-creator of the webcomic Namesake and have been expanding my comic writing. I'm working on a trilogy of original comics based off fairy tales at the moment in addition to Namesake. Outside the comics world, I'm a newspaper designer/copy editor and a freelance editor for a tech blog.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before? Yup! I worked with my partner-in-crime Isabelle Melancon on the first Womanthology

Sample of Work: Samples of my comics writing can be found in Womanthology and the ongoing Namesake updates.
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Nicole Sixx
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Nicole Sixx is on a distinguished road

Originally Posted by Nicole Sixx View Post
Hey guys!!

Name: Nicole Sixx

Website: http://twitter.com/#!/nicolesixx_

Email Address: nicolesixxPR@gmail.com

A Little About Yourself: Published comics creator, established comics journalist, fun horror writer, gallery artist, and web savvy networking girl. I'm also our Womanthology Event's Correspondent! - N

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: All three to date! Am eager to have a chance to write a script as all three projects I have also been arting. If need be I will of course art my own work again tho. I'm a team player.

Sample of Work: This is a an all-ages tale of humanity, heart, and inspiration. With a twist!
(Re-posting due to email change! Old email is deactivated, please do not attempt to contact! Also, I have one heck of a wicked girl powered story planned if picked for Space! -N)
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Clara Evans
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Clara Evans is on a distinguished road

Womanthology writer sign-up

Name: Clara Evans

Email Address: cl_hartley@yahoo.com

A Little About Yourself: Since leaving my soul-squashing corporate career several years ago, I've been resuscitating my creative self with acting, writing and working with children.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: No, but would love to.

Sample of Work: Attack of the Giant Babysitter!!!!! is a break-neck paced, thriller-noir (but in color) for the 8 and under crowd. When our heroine, 3-year old Ruby, realizes her parents are going out and a babysitter is coming, her fear escalates to “Creature from the Black Lagoon” proportions. Unable to face the drooling, snaggle-toothed monstrosity she and her sisters have been left with, Ruby hides in the best hiding place she knows….her parents closet. How does Ruby triumph?? It involves a bit of alone time, some critical thinking, support from her older sisters and… the smell of brownies.
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NJSParrow is on a distinguished road

Writer Sign-up

Name: Yenny Coll

Website: https://twitter.com/#!/YennyColl

Email Address: ylc.njsparrow@gmail.com (Natalie Jean Sparrow is my pen name)

A Little About Yourself: I have been telling stories since I could talk. I am a college student and I currently write for ComicBooked.com where I have my own column spotlighting awesome Kickstarter projects. I have never written a comic script but I'm eager to try and I have some ideas.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Nope, unfortunately, but I own and love Heroic.

Sample of Work: I am currently working on a short story called "Dreaming in Snow" that I might make into a comic upon its completion. You can also find samples of my writing on Comic Booked's website (http://www.comicbooked.com/avengers-...t-black-widow/). For Womanthology though, I have a great short story in mind about the strained relationship between sisters; one is a police officer who is constantly trying to bust her little sister out of trouble.
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Starbuck is on a distinguished road

Name: Amanda Marron

Website: http://starbuckspitfire.blogspot.com

Email Address: mystickah@gmail.com

A Little About Yourself: I am a Veteran of the United States Navy and currently getting back into college. I've been writing since I can remember. I've kept at poetry for last 13 or so years, and would love to expand on my writing skills. I have never written a comic before, but it has been a dream of mine. Currently, I write for DigitalNoob.com and I keep at my blog.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: No, but I donated to the Kickstarter for Heroic.

Sample of Work: Trying to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B, Astraea takes an eye-opening journey of self-discovery.
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