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Character Concepts

Hi my name is Nathan Slack and currently i'm working on several scripts and stories based in the same world that i have created. The title is Instruments of Darkness and starts in ancient Mexico, then Dark Ages France and Constantinople then both stories converging into a modern day setting in Los Angeles.

Like i said this wont be going to a publisher any time soon as im paying for a wedding but next year when i finally get my money together i will be considering artists so i would like for them to have something to work from.

What the job entails:

* Single character busts/ full body.
* Penciled and inked.
* Medium detail background.
* Jpg file for my blog and tif file large enough for poster printing.
* One character per month.
* 35-40 USD per character paid via paypal.

What i expect from the artist:

* Show knowledge of or experience of drawing medieval characters and settings inc. Celtic, Norse, Franks and their weapons, tribal tattoo's and fashions.

* To be able to draw demons and vampires without conforming to stereotypes.

* To be able to give detailed representations of my characters.( i will supply to those interested evidence of previous work done for me and the level of detail and skill i require upon request.)

* To keep me informed through out the process and give examples of progress for review before final payment.

What you can expect from me:

*Character reference jpg's and descriptions.

*A respect for an artists creative licence.( Id love to see your take on my idea's.)

*Half the money on completion of pencils and a watermarked jpg sent to me for review. Payments will be received within 24hrs via paypal.

*Full payment upon completion of inks and a final jpg and tif file sent how ever you want to send it, ive used before and not had any problems. Payment will be received by yourself via paypal within 24hrs.

A little more about me.

I've never been published yes its true but this really is more than just a hobby its my obsession. I plan one day to be published and the work that we do here is just one step along the road. Oh and i always pay my bills, period.

Thats it from me! please email me at if your interested!

Thanks for your time.

Naff Slack aka Nathan
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Hey guys.

I was going to keep this job open till the end of the week but after being bombarded by about 30 applicants over the weekend i think its time to make a decision.

I've been blown away by the interest and talent that's ended up in my inbox and i would really like to saya big thank you to all but this position has now been filled by an artist with some awesome historical character designs and as per the brief that's what i was really looking for, to be confident that i'll get what i'm looking for. And it really is as simple as that, i didnt dislike anyone's work and i think you are all amazing artists! keep it up and i'll keep you guys on file just in case something comes up for which you might be perfect for.

In the mean time take a look at my facebook page and look at some of the amazing artwork already been done for me on my series.

Hopefully Instruments of Darkness will one day be in a comic book store near you.

Take it easy.

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