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I probably would have taken the survey if it applied to me, too, but it doesn't. I've never collaborated with anyone on a comic. I always work by myself. However, I sometimes run concept and plot ideas by some close people I know to see what they think or if they have any special insights that might lead to new creative ideas. Or if I'm stuck on a particular plot point or something isn't gelling as well as I would like it, I might approach them with the situation and see what they think. But all that is really informal and rather rare in occurrence, so I wouldn't call those collaborations, but that's as close to collaborating as I get.

Ultimately, I like for everything to be my vision, and I like taking full credit or full blame for whatever is presented. And I don't see the point in involving someone else, unless it would be to lighten my work load. But I don't feel I need any other contributors, and I'm not interested in joining someone else's comic project, so collaborations aren't really in the cards for me.
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