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if we choose public domain characters, I think the best way is to let anyone/everyone choose whichever character they want, and redesign it to the way they want to make it look. something that is similar enough to what the original character is, but with your own modern spin.

lots of those characters are boring and silly as they were. but if we let everyone modernize them...that could make for some interesting stuff. its the only way this concept is interesting to me.

what the story structure would be..thats still up in the air.. I had an idea where instead of the characters are being bounced around to different places, like Hellboy was... this time something else is coming TO them. like the bad guy or whatever concept we come up with...its something that travels around and finds the characters we are using.

what about some kind of INVASION-ish type idea, where whatever antagonist is popping up all over the world and that's how the characters...good or bad, end up interacting with them. fighting them.

I had an idea of something that could even sorta link it to the site DW. robot spiders??? they could transform or whatever into humanoid a robot girl(cause robot girl=sexy) or anything else.. but ...invading robot spiders? (like the digital webbing logo)

that's just an idea I thought of.. something that would be a universal threat for all the characters to interact with.. everyone can reinterpret their public domain character to whatever they want... and have them all fight a common monster threat...

just spit ballin ideas here.

I know everyone has their own ideas of what would be fun and work. I'm just looking at this in the context of something that gives everyone the possibility of having a lot of free reign to do what they want, but have it LINKED together with all the other stories..(hence the same designed villians. robot spider. or whatever).

if we don't have a linked THEME...which we don't HAVE to... then it just becomes a bunch of random stories with no connection. and that could be fine if that's what people chose to do.

I just like the idea of a group project with a similar linked theme.

characters I was looking at... there was a "Captain Future". some lady named "Fantomah"(I think) whose face turns to a skull when she dispenses justice
there was some artic amazon lady..very WW like..
there was a bunch of Satan themed guys.. some gal. that looked interesting.

but seriously...imagine a bunch of heroes fighting an invading horde of alien robot spiders from the future(or whatever) that can turn into sexy robot ladies and/or dudes...

anyway...enough rambling...
guys...lets start deciding on ideas and see if we can agree on a concept. this will be a great practice run/ lead up to what Ed's doing with DWPv3. lets show him what we can do. ( tho we kinda did with Hellboy. but still)

My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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