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Originally Posted by paul brian deberry View Post

Sending you a link to the file via PM
Got it sir

So i have now only 2 guys whose stories im waiting on. From Mr. korsland and EFFESS.
Once we have those, I believe that will be it. All work turned in and done.

And while thinking about it, I figured we needed to have SOME kind of wrap up to the story. Some end. So i talked with BISHOP and floated a concept that he was onboard with and he drew up 2 pages to END the story. And i loved his stuff so much i just had to add a page to it myself cause it seemed so fun. I think you guys will find the character that hellboy encounters and ends his journey kinda interesting, unexpected and fun. Not gonna say who/what it is until you get to read the whole thing but...its fun. Ill just leave that Question in your mind for now.

Anyway...very very close to being done. Its awesome guys...all the work put in. You will love to read this thing..its great. Seriously.

My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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