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Name: Christianne Benedict


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Tell us about yourself! I'm a full scale movie addict. Seriously, the movie monkey on my back is the size of King Kong. I've been writing about movies on the net for fourteen years now, sometimes professionally. I also drew 150-something pages of a graphic novel in the 1990s that is so awful that it will never see the light of day if I can help it.

Otherwise, I'm a GLBT activist (I'm trans, by the way), I like to garden and cook, and I'm coming out of a longtime institutional graphic design job that was relatively stable, but turned out to be creatively stagnant. Currently looking for more rewarding work.

Worked on Womanthology : Heroic, Sketchbook, Holiday PDF. My story is the one-page "The New Adventures of Queen Elizabeth I", on which I did full production. I also wrote, drew, and lettered "The Night Before" for the holiday PDF, which was colored by Yel Zamor.

Goal in Comics: Basically, to make comics that people will read. I struggle against my own self-doubts about this, though. I'm painfully shy about showing my work to the world. Womanthology has helped me immeasurably with this.

I hope I'm not being greedy, since I've been in all of the Womanthology stuff so far, but I'd really like to work with a collaborator this time on something longer than one page. But I'll settle for anything, really, even sitting on the sidelines cheering.

Work Example:

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