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Isabelle Melancon

Name: Isabelle Melancon (or Secondlina around the internet)


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A Litte About Yourself:

Isabelle Melançon is a French-Canadian artist born in 1985. She grew up in a family of book and comic-lovers and has been drawing ever since she could lift a pencil. She used to want to be a dragon-riding knight, then envisioned a career change as a comic artist at the age of 10.

Since then, Isabelle has been drawing her way through school, which included doodling on lockers, and graduated from the University of Ottawa with a visual arts and administration double-major. Isabelle has a few published graphic novels and art exhibits under her belt.

Isabelle’s drawing style is heavily influenced by American and Japanese animation, as well as older Victorian and french illustration work, creating a fluid yet detailed mix. She is madly in love with fairy tales and literature and enjoys playing with the classics in her comic and written works.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before? The first published book

Sample of Work:

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