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Originally Posted by sevans View Post
So, who is going to lay up the rough script/plot?
text can probably be adjusted as you see the final pages.

like I was saying..( I think I was saying) I have an idea to kick off the story. but basically, with hellboy being carried thru portals to whatever universe the artist ends up gives each artist the chance to draw him meeting whoever they want for however many pages they want.. who do YOU want to have him meet?
im gonna talk to Jeffchris50, who has expressed interest in doing some writing/plotting and see if we can come up with some kind of end story element... all artists... start thinking of who/how you would like hellboy to run across. I liked the idea of various monsters/creatures. but if you want him to meet Garfield, that's up to you.
for me...if I was doing a part where I had him Dracula.. I know for ME, I would have him meet the Gary Oldman version, as that's MY fav. that would be fun interesting for a small quick story.
anyway..lots of possibilities

My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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