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SSTiger will become famous soon enough

Greg and Rin gave you some good advice, for sure.
True. The Fray thing was an especially good catch; the opening was kinda similar to the first page of Fray #1. I wouldn't have wanted to submit it to a publisher like that.

The narration I had a suspicion I was overdoing it a bit; but I'm glad you found it engaging at least. It shouldn't be a problem though - it'd be a simple enough matter to move some of the exposition around for later pages if it interferes with the art.

Unless he is cyber enhanced somehow
He is. Not cybernetically though. It's a bit more complicated and explaining that would give away a couple of pivotal plot points so I can't elaborate; sorry.

The whole lion-kicking thing: you've given me something to think about, but I'm holding off on further edits until I have an art team so I can work off of their feedback as well.

There was something else I wanted to comment on, but can't remember. Keep up the good work and good luck!��
Thanks and feel free to add anything should you recall it.
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