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Name: Katy Rex



About me: I'm a writer who has experience primarily as a reviewer (Comics Bulletin, Bloody Disgusting, Capeless Crusader), and have a graphic novel (Strange Wit) coming up as well. I am the founder of End of the Universe Comics, a website that talks to both comic creators and people who study comics as an academic topic. I have my degree in English Literature and I have always focused specifically on graphic literature, writing my thesis on apocalyptic narratives in Channel Zero and Y: The Last Man. I also write academic papers about comics for pop culture conferences, most recently in Rhode Island (NEPCA, November 2014) and Chicago (PCA/ACA, April 2014).

Worked on a Womanthology Project Before?: No, but I dig the hell out of the series and I would love to be a part of something so cool.

Example of Work: Sometimes your big teen rebellion isn’t what you want it to be; Elaine and Ophelia see themselves as a modern-day Romeo & Juliet, but they’re discovering that Romeo & Juliet wasn’t a healthy relationship and they’re more in love with the idea than with each other.
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