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ĦI dreamed a Space story this morning!

Ma'at Crook
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When the woods, a common hang-out for a town's teens, is invaded by moth-like aliens, ostracized and misunderstood Riley has a choice to keep running or stop to fight for the lives of those who have never respected Riley.

Brief Summary
Gender-queer teen, Riley, is hanging out with friends and struggling with a conversation about the pronoun "they" with their best friends Quinn and K'Den. Their conversation is interrupted when the woods they are in are invaded by large moth-like, pink, smiling aliens. With one touch from these aliens people become their willing servants who capture others and bring them to a clearing where the alien space craft waits. When K'Den is turned and captures Quinn, Riley runs away and continues to hide from flittering pink in the darkness and other alien servants. Covered in mud, dust, and leaves Riley becomes almost undetectable and, it turns out, impervious to the aliens' touch. And after accidentally killing an alien, Riley learns that the aliens are as vulnerable to injury as Earthly moths. With this knowledge Riley frees their friends and others (both captured and turned), and sends the aliens flying away from Earth. In the end Riley's friend K'Den thanks them and announces to everyone, "This is my friend Riley! They saved us! They're a hero!"
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