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Name: Ronnie Massey


Email Address:

A Little About Yourself: I'm a 35 yo, published author from SC. Most of my work is paranormal, fantasy, or SCi-fi. Two of my titles, Crimson Dawn and UnBound, were published by Copperhill Media. The rest are self-published. I've been a comic collector since I was a teenager and I'm also a collector of body art. Aside from writing, I also draw, but don't dedicate as much to drawing as I do writing. Most of my tattoos are self-done. Recently I've decided to combine my love of writing with comics and have started adapting one of my novels into comic format. I'm still in the early stages, but I just found an artist to work with so my fingers are crossed that we'll produce an awesome comic.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: No but I'm hopeful and eager to do so.

Sample of Work: They exist. Somehow these two little words don’t seem like enough to make the masses believe, but it’s true. The vampire, the werewolf, the mind-reader, the mind-breaker, and the superhuman strength of the strong man, they’re all real. Alive and kicking, and no matter what unique gift they happen to possess they all call themselves the same name-Ecomancer. Soon one woman will rise from obscurity to lead them all.
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