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Hi, I was at the Womathology panel at Comic Con and felt truly inspired by this project. Reading it has been awesome, and Ma'at encouraged me to sign up and try to become a part of it.

Name: Marcela Vargas

Website: //

Email Address:

A Little About Yourself: I am a mexican journalist fresh out of college. I have been writing and reading since age 4, everything from novels (not writing those yet!) and short stories to comics and movies. I've done quite a bit of script writing because of college (a couple short films, music videos, featured news stories), and have been published in a few short stories anthologies by indie editorials in Mexico (the most recent was Stories of The Stories, with my short fiction The Vanishing, on Editorial El Ermitaņo). I currently report on music, movies, technology, and books both as a freelancer and as a member of a Latin American magazine named Gatopardo ( I also started a blog with my best friends that covers movies, tech, comic books, sci fi and fantasy literature, TV, and your general geeky subjects (it's in spanish and we named it La Hora Libre).

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Nope. I would love to.

Sample of Work: A teenager violently loses her twin sister, and attempts to come to grips with the pain by adopting her personality and slowly becoming her dead sibling.
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