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Seeking staff writers, comics journalists

Hello, writerly folks:

I am the editor in chief of Black Ship Books, a publisher of comics and genre fiction and purveyor of news, reviews, and commentary on pop culture in all its forms. In particular, we are interested in examining how comics, genre cinema, and other "niche" artforms relate to society, politics, technology, and the modern world at large. Right now we are seeking three new writers for our website.

As a staff writer for Black Ship, you would cover film, TV, comics, or something else (pitch me!) on a weekly basis for the site. I use the word "or" in the previous sentence not to limit you, but to encourage you to cluster your ideas around a coherent theme and develop them into a beautiful, life-enriching series of entertainment-related diversions of about 800-1,200 words each. You are, of course, welcome to make occasional forays into topics other than those that are your "official" territory, but I am a big fan of columns (like those of Dirk Manning and John Ostrander) that can be read as one long narrative with recurring themes, dramatic tension, and strong "character development."

Example topics of successful Black Ship articles in the past have included:
  • Mythology and "goddess" archetypes in Frank Miller's Sin City books (a series of articles by LJ Phillips)
  • Post-apocalyptic films as a reflection of American political discourse (my two-part "Donald Trump vs. Mad Max" article)
  • The rise in sequels, prequels, and reboots and the loss of the potential for new artistic "movements" in American film (Jeremy Bishop's short op-ed The Lost Generation)
  • Similarities and differences between the political subtext of science fiction and western films of the past and present (Part 2 of Lee Lightfoot's Why Sci-Fi)
  • The long-term impact of Deadpool on superhero films (William Henry Dvorak's "Deadpool's Legacy"
  • The importance of images (including comics) in religious violence (my "The Treachery of Images")
  • An autobiographical tale of an unexpected immersion into the world of tabletop gaming (Rem Fields' "Tabletop Confessions" series

In addition, we regularly feature plain-ol' reviews of comics, film, TV shows, and the like, but ideally I would like thoughtful in-depth examinations of entertainment's cultural and personal effects to be our bread-and-butter. If your content is comics-centric, I also ask that you contribute at least one 100-word (or so) blurb to our weekly Pull List feature, which posts on Monday and highlights forthcoming comics that are worthy of our readers' attention.

That said, I rarely (if ever) assign content. If there's a book we've been given that I would feel bad about not reviewing, I might be pushy about someone on staff giving it a review (particularly if I'm short on time myself), but otherwise you will always, always pick your own content for reviews, op-ed pieces, Pull List blurbs, and anything else that may come up.

This is not a paid position, but I do like to think of it as a great creative community for developing your interests and writing skills. We've had staffers go on to write for Screen Rant and Comics & Gaming Magazine. In addition, if you are an author or a comic book creator, you will get priority consideration for publication in our prose flash fiction anthologies (starting in just a few months) and our comic anthologies (currently dormant, but hopefully making a comeback soon).

If you are interested in writing for Black Ship, you can reach me at Please include writing samples (prose of some kind, preferably non-fiction) as well as a sentence or two on what you would like to cover for the site, bearing in mind that this is merely a thought experiment and not at all binding for the time being.

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

Comic book publisher, pop-culture journalism hub, and creative collective
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