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Originally Posted by MBirkhofer View Post
"the customer is always right" Blaming fans is just completely missing the point. its not their fault.
They are fans not experts on the field. We can not expect them to have the knowledge of what goes into the creation of works. and we can not expect them to have the time, or resources to research every one of these with the due diligence required, to prevent fraud.
I'm not blaming anyone. I'm pointing out that the customers/fans have every right to spend their money anyway they see fit. I'm also pointing out that there isn't some mass deception going on here. Diaz is pretty transparent in what he's offering and selling. Do you honestly believe that 7k + people can't figure out that this isn't new material? Do you honestly believe that all of those people don't realize that they can just go to the store on his site and order those books for cheaper? I figured all of that out in less than 5 minutes.

I'll go a bit further; They know all of that and they don't care. They WANT to spend money on this guy because they like him and the work he does. In other words, this guy has a very loyal fanbase. It's really that simple.

And yeah, in sales the customer is ALWAYS right.

Asking them to protect themselves is absurd. and it is our responsibility to look out for them. If we see them getting taken advantage of, we damn well shouldn't be taking notes on how to fuck them over ourselves, we should be calling that shit out, and letting them know, they are being used.
What the heck are you even talking about? Protect them from what? Who is taking advantage of them? Who is fucking them over? Again, these people know EXACTLY what they're paying money for. They know EXACTLY what risks are involved in supporting this guy. Diaz isn't trying to pull any type of deception here. He isn't doing anything he isn't capable of doing. He isn't tricking anybody. These are adults who are fully capable of reading everything on that Kickstarter page, not a bunch of ignorant children getting bullied out of their lunch money.

You'll have an argument if Diaz takes the money and vanishes into thin air. Until that happens, this sounds more like a personal issue with the creator than anything malicious on Diaz's part.
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