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Originally Posted by Hanzou View Post
I agree. They should stay far, far away.

I'm going to have to defend Aaron Diaz and Dresdan here. The people sending money to his Kickstarter know full well what they're getting into. It isn't fraud or wrong doing on Aaron's part. His fans are loyal to him, and they're willing to shell out the cash to support his projects; ready made or not. I applaud what he's doing, and wish I had that level of success to pull off a 500k Kickstarter project. The guy cut his teeth for years in the webcomic world cultivating a fan base, and he deserves all the money heading his way. You really can't blame Kickstarter or Diaz for people WANTING to send him money to support him. They love him, and they love his artwork.

Instead of criticizing the man, we should be taking notes.
We should be taking notes on how to fleece our fans with non-commitment?

Today I learned, that I should spend all my time on twitter talking about how good I am, instead of actually doing anything. It obviously gets better results.

What project are you supporting? read that kickstarter a little more closely. You are buying a book of previously published work, not supporting any future projects. you are supporting him playing games and spamming twitter.

It is completely unethical. If the stretch goals represented something realistic and tangible, that would be another matter. But it is a book sale, run as a donation drive, masked as a crowd funded project. fraud.
I don't know who came up with the idea of selling books at $25-$600, pay what you feel like paying, but masking it as an investment is somewhere between evil and genius.
Do you REALLY think, if that book was for sale on, and the price was $25-600 pay what you like, ANYONE would pay $600, because they want to help the author? no, because everyone would know damn well it was a simple sales transaction. hell, this "invest" crap avoids sales tax.
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