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Originally Posted by 12013 View Post
I feel I need to reiterate that the more complicated we try to make the story the harder it gets to keep it making sense.

that's why I like the idea of the character jumping around and each artist getting to have him kinda so whatever they want, but doesn't interfere with the next persons take on the adventure. this keeps it fun and interesting for the ARTIST as well like Scribbly here is talking them some creative control while still operating under some kind of rule that keep this thing making some kind of sense.

it NEEDS to be simple...or it starts falling apart. because its ALL of us doing something, it needs simplicity... not complicated story sets ups that people will get lost in.

I have to agree with you, Rob. Half the problem with comics today is they're too darn complicated; too many "moving parts" to try and keep track of. Back in the day when I was writing my independent comic (and I mean waaaaaay back, LOL!) I made an effort to model my storytelling and plotting on early MARVEL because Stan Lee (and later writers/editors, as well) understood that you didn't have to have a complex story for it to be good. KISS----not just a band, but a good philosophy for a lot of life....
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