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What exactly is the benefit of this? I'm not trying to be mean, but if this is just going to be published on the net, doesn't some web comic site like Drunk Duck off 1000's of more hits per day? When I put a comic on there it gets a couple thousand page views a day. So, maybe I'm missing the point here (which is entirely possible :-), but without at least offering a POD on Indyplanet, this idea really doesn't work, does it?

I was a big fan of DWP back in the day, a subscriber for a couple of years, and it would be great to see a western style anthology up and running again, even as a POD (actually, POD is better today than selling a couple thousand copies through diamond... and not making back printing costs).

So, I'd suggest, humbly, working with Ka-Blam!, producing a great color book (the prices are not that bad, even a 32 page book can make money per copy sold), selling it through Indyplanet, creating a force in the comic world. It can be done, it should be done, will it be done? I'd even consider the co-op idea DWP originally had... let contributors pay 20 dollars or so to get their comp copies (Ka-Blam! charges nothing up front, so ANY money made is profit).

Just a suggestion... I always wanted to be in DWP back in the day, but my art wasn't good enough... it is now, but DWP is gone :-)

BTW, this is the first thread I've read on this board for 2 years or so, so if this idea has already been discussed, batted around, refused or accepted, I beg pardon :-)
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