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VinnyMac6 05-14-2018 07:50 PM

Welcome to Elk Mountain!


Elk Mountain explores the relationship between heroes and the communities they defend. What are the realistic expectations of these heroes? Can we expect them to be everywhere and save everyone? Is it smart to put so much faith in one individual, no matter how powerful they are?

And what are the responsibilities of a community to it's hero? How much is it on them to be accountable for what goes on where they live?

Elk Mountain also looks at how the current climate of fear can break apart a community in an instant. Fear of the other can turn long time neighbors against each other, and it's happening right now with immigrants and non-immigrants. People who have lived and worked here peacefully for years are being forcibly removed from their homes and jobs.

Our story follows Valor, whose family escaped persecution in Panama in the 80's to come to America. Fearing government retribution, his parents fled back to South America right after he was born, leaving him behind.

Valor grew to be the worlds mightiest superhero and defender of his small town of Elk Mountain. But during a battle with his deadliest enemy, Valor disappears, possibly for good, leaving the town to defend itself against a group of villains determined to destroy it once and for all.


Written by Jordan Clark (Bitch Planet Triple Feature, Kane Maverick) with art by (myself) Vince Underwood (Page Turn). Colors are by Brittany Peer (Jem, TMNTU) and Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Strip Panel Naked, Panel x Panel)

Check us out HERE

paul brian deberry 05-18-2018 07:12 PM

Cool. Sounds fun.

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