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benetsimon 03-14-2018 01:06 PM

Fantasy Artist Wanted For Comedy Series
Hi there,

I write the comedy comic "Tales of Astoundment" (out in April) for Markosia and I'm developing an 8 page and mock cover pitch strip for the Octal industry anthology. The series has been outlined as part of their development process.

I'm looking for a fantasy artist to illustrate this pitch strip and become the series artist.

I have a baseline publishing deal with Markosia but I'm hoping to negotiate a better one for this project, "Skaldon", with someone else.

"Skaldon" is about a questing hero who is always making oaths to help people in world where no-one can be trusted except him, so he's forever taking on quests he shouldn't be doing - and he can't break his word, he's too heroic.

I'm looking for a straight-up collaboration with an artist so we can move to publication on a royalties deal with an advance of $500 or less (artist keeps advance). I'm looking, ideally, for someone to do pencils, inks and coloring for 70% of the royalties while I do script and lettering for 30%.

Here is the script for the pitch strip, "Quest For the Wizard Anthzibaar":

You can reach me on
You can see a preview for Tales of Astoundment on Facebook:

benetsimon 03-23-2018 04:36 PM

Position filled
Thanks to all for applying, the position has now been filled, thank you!

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