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YellowDogArtistry 08-23-2017 05:45 AM

Looking for creative types
Iím an illustrator/comic book creator and Iím recently getting into video. Iím looking for someone or multiple people to work on video projects. it would be for fun and to see how creative we can get and also help spread awareness about Schizophrenia or other mental illness, while healing ourselves in the process. I imagine some would be dark and some would be beautiful and some silly. i have a cannon 60D with really good video resolution. and sony vegas studio for all the editing. if any of you have the experience - or are willing to learn - let me know if you would like to contribute. alternatively... if you have some ideas of other subjects to make vids about - like comic books - let me know that too.

you can check out some of my sequential stuff (and other art) on my web site...

...including pages and promo stuff for my first comic that is currently being shopped around to publishers called....

hereís two vids i made on the subject!! bear with me, lol, iím getting better with each one.

email me at yellowdogartistry @ gmail . com

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