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tylerjrider 11-13-2017 04:42 PM

The Deadsville Procession (my new comic)

hey folks. writing is hard work and i've been on a serious emotional rollercoaster for the past few weeks. anyways, with help from you guys and a few trusted friends, i have arrived at an exciting point in my creative journey. my next comic has a FINAL title and a release schedule. starting January 3rd, 2018, i'll be releasing 3 pages per week of The Deadsville Procession for a total of 110 pages of content in webcomic format. If you wanna learn more about the comic, head over to on WEDNESDAY to read a bit about the story. if you can't wait until Wednesday, become a patron to receive exclusive content and early access. thank you to everyone who is already supporting me on there. it means the world to me. can't wait to see what you guys think!

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