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HuckleberryComics 08-17-2017 11:08 PM

Pencil & Inker Needed ($40/page)
Hi! I'm Charles, the founder and director of Huckleberry Comics. About a year ago I posted a thread here to assemble a team for the first issue of our graphic novel series Dream State Radicals. That went on to raise $2,000+ on Kickstarter and is nearly ready to ship out to fans all over the world.

And now we're back! Looking for a talented pencil and inker to help create the second issue of DSR - Into the Breach. Some of you might be wondering why we would need another artist since we've already assembled a team. Well, our issues take a unique approach. The story follows several characters and each character has their own pencil and inker. The style of the artist reflects the world view of the character. Leech for example is a sketchy guy with a dim world view and so has a pencil and inker with a gritty style. We have one colorist who ties the whole universe together.

For this issue we're looking for someone to be the pencil and inker for Devin, a new character in the series. Devin is a fairly well off guy and deals in black market trading in the DSR universe. He is well put together and has a famous flare of style. Ideally the pencil and inker we choose for this position would be clean lined but with a bit of flare, like Devin. Perhaps some unique panel placement would be refreshing.

Anyway, that's what we need. We're paying 40/page which includes both pencil and ink. We will send payment via PayPal within 2 weeks of approved work. You will be expected to meet deadlines of course, and to send over pencils for approval before moving onto ink. While it is not necessary that you have published before we would like a link to your portfolio. Please note, every issue has multiple artists and is a collaborative effort. So sometimes you will be expected to share a page with another pencil and inker and generally play nice with others :)

Please send submissions to (please do not use the contact form on our website for submissions) also you can follow us and find out more about what we do on Twitter @HuckleberryDSR and on our website: And yes, we're on Facebook too.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this whole thing and I look forward to seeing your submissions. Good luck!

HuckleberryComics 08-21-2017 04:42 PM

All done! We've selected our Pencil & Inker for issue No. 2 of Dream State Radicals - Into the Breach. Thanks so much for applying and we look forward to the next round of open submissions for Issue No.3 (whenever that may be)

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