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09-25-2006, 11:42 PM
"The move is a business decision based on things that we're going to keep quiet about," he said. "We all love and respect both companies very much. Dark Horse gave Jerome Opena and I our first big penciling gigs and Image gave me my first big writing gigs and Tony his first big penciling gig, they have both been supportive and wonderful to us all. Though I will not go into many details about the move I hope to stop any speculations before they begin, this move is not because of any ill-will toward Image Comics. In fact Kieron Dwyer, 'Fear Agent' co-creator Tony Moore and I have a new ongoing series, 'XXXOMBIES' launching at Image in February. Everyone still loves everyone."

If you're thinking that this move might be motivated by Dark Horse's success in translating its properties into other media ("Hellboy" being a prime example), Remender isn't going to try and dissuade you of that notion. "Obviously, Dark Horse is a powerhouse in this area. I'd be a liar if I said this wasn't one of the motivations in the move," he admitted.

Both Image Comics and Dark Horse are big players in the comic book industry, publishing quite a bit of acclaimed work, and Remender has no doubts about "Fear Agent" succeeding with this new publisher. "I have the same expectations I've always had for the book, more sales. I would proudly hold 'Fear Agent' up to any title from any company, which is intended as pride, not arrogance," he explained. "I believe Tony Moore and Jerome are two of the finest American comic artists of this generation or any. Though it would be arrogant to comment on the inherent quality of my own writing, I can say with all confidence that 'Fear Agent' could be written by a lobotomized shit-money and it would still be worth $2.99 if only as an art book. I hope I'm a better writer than a lobotomized shit-money and the entire package finds the wider audience the current readership and critics think it deserves."

As for what this means in terms of a publishing schedule, Remender happily elaborated. "February will see releases of the Dark Horse edition of Vol.1 (issues 1-4) and Vol. 2 (issues 5-10) [of the trade paperback]. We have a 'Tales of the Fear Agent' trade planned for sometime in the summer with a cover by 'The Goon's' Eric Powell. The new ongoing series will move to the Hellboy/BPRD format. Each four issue arc will be numbered beginning at #1. However, the plan is that the ongoing numbering will continue, as well, in its own box. This will make it easier for new readers to jump on. The first Dark Horse arc, tentatively set for April, is the origin story (Tony Moore on art). This centers around the Annubius conflict - the war on Earth that gave birth to the Fear Agents. The second arc (Jerome Opena on art) will focus on the aftermath of the events in the current storyline. From there the arcs will rotate between Tony and Jerome."

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The Scribe
09-26-2006, 12:46 AM
I heard about this earlier today. I had just startd buying Fear Agent a few issues ago. Whatever they feel is best.

"The move is a business decision based on things that we're going to keep quiet about,"

Sounds like money. Image doesn't pay a page rate and Dark Horse does, hmmmm.

Kel Nuttall
09-26-2006, 03:36 AM
Image doesn't pay a page rate and Dark Horse does, hmmmm.
Dark Horse also takes a MAJOR bite of the pie when it comes to movies/merchandise/etc. From what I've heard VERY major. But hey, I guess if you aren't making enough to cover your contributors and you can't keep the book going otherwise (I do NOT know that this has anything to do with this decision, it's just the only reason I could see myself do it)....I guess giving away a majority of your property might be worth it. I mean if you can't keep it going it won't ever make ANY money...so something's better than nothing. I guess. It'd sure be hard to do.

It's a great book though, I look forward to it wherever it comes from.

paul brian deberry
09-26-2006, 08:29 AM
This is a GREAT move. Dark Horse opens more doors than Image.