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09-22-2006, 04:33 PM
Heya guys. Here's the second issue of "Spook City U.S.A.". This one is a lot rawer than the first so, as before, any brutally honest feedback would be greatly appreciated.

09-22-2006, 04:34 PM

1.) Long Shot on what looks from the outside like a typical, generic all American diner. Above it is a sign in bright neon: SLAPPY’S DINER.

ALEX: (coming from the diner) What *is* this place? A resort? For monsters?

SNUGGERT: (coming from the diner) Truth be told… it’s more like a prison.

2.) Snuggert is stirring his coffee while Alex sits with his cup before him, arms at his sides, still pretty much in shock. All around them are people from the town, monsters, some of them pretty human looking (but creepy) while others are quite obviously vampires, werewolves, and other kinds of freaky abominations.

SNUGGERT: When we find them we give them an ultimatum: they can run or fight us, in which case they’ll end up dead or getting vivisected in one of our labs. (And let me tell ya, that’s not a pretty picture given most of them have regenerative powers.) Or they can voluntarily relocate here.

3.) Snuggert raises his cup to his lips.

SNUGGERT: The sign says Podunk, Iowa and the official name is Paranormal Entity Relocation Camp #1, but everyone who knows of its existence calls it Spook City U.S.A..

4.) Alex has his hands out in a pleading gesture. Snuggert casually sips his coffee.

ALEX: What am I doing here then?

SNUGGERT: We try to give them as cushy an existence as possible. Bored monsters would just be bad. So we try and make them comfortable, and that includes entertainment. Cable TV, bars, clubs, movie theatres, video stores, parks, Starbucks…

5.) Alex, his eyes wide with sudden realization.

ALEX: …and their very own radio station.

SNUGGERT: Bingo. It’s a pretty thankless job that none of these Tom, Dick and Hairys want. That’s where you come in.

6.) The WAITRESS comes over, a sexy-looking Gothish chick with a flapper hairdo, pale skin and an attitude the size of Texas. This is MIRANDA. She carries two plates of pie.

SNUGGERT: Ah! Here’s our pie!

MIRANDA: Two apple cobblers.


1.) Close Angle. Miranda drops the plates on the table with a bang.


2.) Snuggert looks up at Miranda, turning on the charm as best he can. Miranda gives him this look, sort of a cross between a half-hearted smile and a sneer.

SNUGGERT: Thanks Miranda. You’re truly a blessing to the damned.

3.) Miranda walks away from their table, Alex following her with his eyes. Snuggert is already digging into his pie with his fork.

ALEX: And she? She’s a…?

SNUGGERT: Monster. ‘course she is. That’s my ex-girlfriend. Miranda. They’re not all as hard on the eyes as your buddy Eldon back there.

4.) Alex seems more relaxed now, picking up his fork and taking a tentative stab at his pie. He has rests his head on one hand, elbow on table. Snuggert is really digging into his pie now.

ALEX: Why me? Why pick me for this gig?

SNUGGERT: The boys at Central must have taken a look at your file and decided you were right for it. A perpetual screw-up who’d fit right in. You shot your mouth off one time too many and gave them something to hold over you and, well, here you are.

5.) Snuggert and Alex talking, eating pie.

ALEX: What are you doing here?

SNUGGERT: Well… I’m kinda like you. A perpetual screw up. I messed up enough and defied orders enough times they banished me here with all the other misfits.

6.) His plate clean, Snuggert pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, shifting in his seat. Alex watches him, mouth full of pie.

SNUGGERT: Truth be told, I kinda fit right in. There’s no real place for me out there in the real world. I watch over them, make sure they’re happy. Or as happy as a monster can be under such circumstances. They’re a pretty moody bunch, as you might imagine.

ALEX: You… like them?


1.) Snuggert offers the pack to Alex, who waves him off with his free hand.


ALEX: Not now, thanks.

SNUGGERT: I like ‘em better than most people I’ve met. Mostly they’re just misunderstood. They’ve been through a hell of a lot and that builds character. Here they got a real sense of community. For the most part. Folks like Eldon are so surly they can’t even get along with their own.

2.) Snuggert lights up his cigarette with a lighter.

ALEX: The President knows about this place?

SNUGGERT: You kidding? First he’d try and convert them to Christianity. Then he’d drop a big nuke on the place. That’d be declaring open war. And nobody – I mean nobody – wants that.

3.) Snuggert points at Alex, cigarette between his fingers.

SNUGGERT: The boys at Central make sure he only knows what he needs to, and when it comes to this place you can bet that means nothing.

ALEX: I’ll take one of those smokes now.

4.) Alex with a smoke in his mouth, being lit by Snuggert, puffing smoke.

ALEX: Thanks.

ALEX: Y’know. I think I know how they must feel. Back when I was growing up in the suburbs people would always stare because I was different. I moved to the city and felt like I belonged for the first time.

5.) Snuggert seems happy that Alex is accepting all this.

SNUGGERT: Glad you see it that way. I think you’ll fit right in, eventually. And one things for sure in this town…

6.) Large Panel. Wide Angle on Alex and Snuggert in their booth. All of the monsters in the place, the ones in their booths, sitting at the counter and working behind it, are staring at Alex. (Behind the counter, wearing an apron and a chef’s hat is the owner of the place, SLAPPY, a six-armed monster with an spatula in each hand.)

SNUGGERT: You won’t have to worry about people staring at you because you’re different.


1.) Wide Angle on a SMALL HOUSE, similar homes on either side. The U-Haul is parked outside. Next to it is Snuggert’s black sedan Fed-mobile. Light shines through the windows on the bottom floor.

ALEX: (from house) Thanks for helping me move in, man.

SNUGGERT: (from house) Hey, it’s the least I could do. You’ve had a rough night.

2.) Wide Angle on the LIVING ROOM, pre-furnished with a couch, coffee table and an easy chair. Snuggert is setting a box (labeled “Books” in magic marker) on the floor. Alex is crouched down hooking a DVD player up to a TV set. A pile of boxes are stacked in the corner of the room.

SNUGGERT: Where do you want this one?

ALEX: Just put it with the others.

3.) Snuggert plops the box down on top of the others.

SNUGGERT: And don’t worry. Electric, cable and all the utilities are covered.

ALEX: Excellente’. I wouldn’t want to miss “The O’Reilly Factor”.

4.) Snuggert has his hands on the small of his back, stretching, looking pained.

SNUGGERT: Nice to see you haven’t lost your sarcastic edge.

SNUGGERT: *ohmyfrigginback*

ALEX: I’ll be sure to check it when I’m on the air.

SNUGGERT: Forget it. Worst thing you can do is be boring.

5.) Snuggert pulls a business card from his wallet and hands it Alex.

SNUGGERT: Seriously. You’re in no danger here. You wake up one morning drained of blood with fang marks in your neck and there’ll be Hell to pay. They know that.

SNUGGERT: You got any problems, you just ring me.

ALEX: Okay. I appreciate that, Agent Snuggert.


1.) Snuggert smiles and makes a dismissive gesture. Alex scratches his head.

SNUGGERT: Aw, call me Charlie. Everyone else here does. We’re not big on formality, as you might guess.

ALEX: Uh… okay. Thanks. Charlie.

2.) Alex and Snuggert shake hands.

SNUGGERT: I’ll just show myself out now. You going to be okay to work tomorrow?

ALEX: Uh… yeah. Sure. Once I get myself a good night’s sleep.

SNUGGERT: Alrighty then.

3.) Wide Angle on Alex’s house. Snuggert has his car door open, about to enter, and a hand raised to say goodbye to Alex, who is in the open doorway to his house waving goodbye.

SNUGGERT: Oh yeah… almost forgot. Phones are tapped. If you tell any of your friends or relatives what this place really is the Fed will dispatch a hit squad. Probably make it look like a suicide.

ALEX: Oh, uh… thanks. I’ll sleep a lot better knowing that.

SNUGGERT: G’night then!

4.) Alex closes the front door….

5.) Walks into the living room. ..

6.) … sits down on the couch.


1.) Alex sits there on the couch. Staring off into space, looking haggard and drained, as if he might break into tears.

2.) Alex buries his face into his hands.

ALEX: Christ. What did I do…

3.) Wide Angle. The TOWN HALL, an innocent looking, typical small town municipal building.

VOICE FROM TOWN HALL: …to deserve this!?

4.) Medium Angle on BALTHAZAR, a creepy, inhuman-looking vampire with bald head, sunken features and deformed, slightly batwing-like ears, is standing up and shaking his fist.

BALTHAZAR: Have we not behaved ourselves? Have we not followed the rules and regulations that you, our captors have laid down for us, without fail?

5.) Wide Angle inside the town hall. Standing at the front end of the room (bg.) behind a podium is the MAYOR KREPLACH, a mad scientist’s severed head in a jar of murky solution that is being held by his own headless, lab-coat clad body in a jar (which as a cap at the neck stump re-routing the flow of blood). The jar has an antennae at the top (sending signals to his body) and a speaker at the base that sends his voice out in a crackly rasp.

Before him are rows of chairs (or benches) filled with the monstrous residents of Podunk. They generally seem pissed and up in arms, many of them standing and shaking their fists. (You might do the crowd in this angle in silhouette).

MAYOR: (voice crackling from jar speaker) Silence! Silence unt order! Ve vill accomplish nosing vis zis pointless bickering!


1.) Closer Angle on the stage. The Mayor moves aside as Snuggert takes his place behind the podium.

MAYOR: Agent Snuggert! You vill address zehr concerns. Macht schnell!

SNUGGERT: Sure thing Mayor Kreplach. Happy to oblige.

2.) Rear Angle on Snuggert behind the podium, making a “calm down” gesture with his hands, looking out on the crowd of belligerent monsters before him. Even the balcony area is teeming with creeps and spooks of every variety. Miranda sits in the front row, looking bored as usual with typical hipster disdain, casually smoking a cigarette. Balthazar standing up a row or two behind her, angrier than Oprah after crushing another scale.

SNUGGERT: Now calm down folks. I know much doesn’t happen in this town and it’s easy to blow something like this out of proportion.

BALTHAZAR: Out of proportion! Hrumph! Easy for you to say! You consign us to this prison, then shovel excrement into our ears and expect us to be happy about it!
3.) Snuggert at the podium.

SNUGGERT: Now c’mon, Balthazar. Don’t go talking to me like I’m your jailer. I’m as much an exile here as any one of you.

4.) Eldon stands up, his finger raised in protest, barking vociferously. Balthazar, all class and embarrassed by his peer, has a hand on his face as if to say, “Oh brother.”

ELDON: But that’s exactly our point! You understand us. You show us the proper respect. This mook is one smart ass remark from becomin’ the weekly special at Slappy’s!

BALTHAZAR: What my grammatically challenged fellow citizen is trying to say is… this won’t stand.

5.) Snuggert reasons with the crowd.

SNUGGERT: Listen people! If anybody knows what it’s like to be misunderstood it’s you folks. I think this is all a simple misunderstanding. If anyone is at fault for that it’s me.

SNUGGERT: Like I said, I was supposed to be there to brief him when he arrived and wasn’t.

09-22-2006, 04:35 PM

1.) Snuggert makes eye-contact with Miranda, who puffs on her cigarette, giving him a half-lidded, attitude-packed frown.

SNUGGERT: I had a little bit of a… a situation that night.

BALTHAZAR: So you expect us to just sit back and endure his insolence?

2.) Snuggert reasoning with the crowd. It seems like he’s getting through.

SNUGGERT: What I expect is for you to give him a chance. That’s not an unreasonable thing to ask. If he doesn’t work out, fine. We’ll find a suitable replacement.

SNUGGERT: In the meantime, try and get to know him. Be neighborly.

3.) Miranda remains in her seat, dripping attitude, puffing in her cigarette. A big, fuzzy BIKER WEREWOLF stands up nearby her. His attitude couldn’t be more opposite to Miranda and Balthazar’s, bright and cheerful, as warm and fuzzy on the inside as out. This is EARNEST.

MIRANDA: What do you suggest? We bake him a cake?

EARNEST: I think that’s a peach of an idea! Best way to get to know folks is to break bread and crack beers with ‘em.

4.) Balthazar sighs, not even bothering to turn around to address Earnest, who is visibly pissed at him. Snuggert tries to play peacemaker, making a calm down gesture with his hands.

BALTHAZAR: Just like a dog, to think of getting him to behave with the promise of treats.

EARNEST: Oh jam it up yer poop chute, leachboy.

SNUGGERT: Let’s not start getting racist here! We all have to live here together, like it not. We’ve made the best of it so far.

5.) Snuggert checks his watch.

SNUGGERT: Now, get yourselves home and just… sleep on it.

6.) Close on Snuggert, looking grim.

SNUGGERT: It’ll be dawn soon.


1.) Close Angle on Alex sitting in his chair where we left him, face buried in his hands.

2.) Close on the nape of Alex.’s neck, the small hairs suddenly standing up, bristling.

3.) Alex peeks through his fingers.

4.) Large Panel. Standing there before him, in the darkened entrance to the kitchen, is a GHOST. It is of a white man in early middle-age, balding, with sunken eyes, slouching shoulders and a pot belly, dressed in a stained wife-beater and pajama bottoms. It stares right at him. It is surrounded by what appears to be a cloud or aura of black pollen.


1.) Alex starts in his chair like he’s just gotten an electric shock, throwing out his feet and kicking the table before him, upsetting the beer and ashtray on it. He clutches the sides of the chair.


2.) The Ghost doesn’t move, but begins to FADE from view, becoming transparent.

3.) Same Angle. The Ghost has vanished now, but the aura of black pollen surrounding it remains, leaving an outline, a silhouette of him.

4.) Same Angle. The Ghost and its aura are completely gone now, leaving us staring at the blank space where he stood.


1.) Wide Angle on Alex in his chair from the POV of where the Ghost stood. He’s still clutching the arms of the chair, white with fear, but is leaning forward slightly to look at the spot where he just saw the apparition.

2.) Close on Alex’s face, eyes wide and mouth agape. He looks like he’s just seen a… well, you know.

3.) Close on Alex’s hands holding his cell phone and punching in numbers as fast as his finger can move.

SOUND FX: *beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep*

4.) Snuggert behind the wheel in his car, holding his cell phone up to his ear.


ALEX: Charlie! You’ve got to get down here right now.

SNUGGERT: Whassamatter?

5.) Alex cowering in his chair, speaking into the phone, eyes searching the room fearfully.

ALEX: There’s a… I think I just saw a… what I’m trying to tell you is…

SNUGGERT: A ghost?

ALEX: Yeah! He was standing right there staring at me!


1.) Angle on Alex, beginning to loosen up and relax, wearing a suspicious look

SNUGGERT: Does he look like a middle aged white guy in a wife-beater?

ALEX: Uh… yeah?

2.) On Snuggert.

SNUGGERT: Oh! That’s Larry. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. The house we set you up in is kind of haunted.

3.) Close on Alex, a blank expression.

4.) Same angle on Alex, now outraged.

ALEX: “Kind of haunted”!?

5.) Snuggert driving, matter-of-fact.

SNUGGERT: Don’t worry about it. He can’t hurt you. Not that he’d want to, mind you.

6.) Alex, practically screaming into the phone.

ALEX: You… you moved me into a friggin’ haunted house!

SNUGGERT: Like I said, nothing to worry about it. You’ll hardly know he’s there.


1.) Alex holds the phone out in front of him, staring at it (at Snuggert, really) with anger and bewilderment.

2.) Alex talking into the phone.

ALEX: Anything else you’d care to tell me about this house?


ALEX: No crazy women chained up in the attic?


ALEX: No man-eating rats in the walls?


ALEX: No dead-but-dreaming witches buried in the basement?

3.) Snuggert behind the wheel, talking into phone.

SNUGGERT: Look, I gotta go. Just relax and get some sleep. You’ve got a big show tomorrow.

4.) Snuggert flicks his cell phone shut.

5.) Same Angle on Snuggert.

SNUGGERT: *snicker* Welcome to the Twilight Zone kid.


1.) Thin, page-spanning panel. A scenic Wide Angle on the town, the sun rising on the horizon.

2.) Same Angle. Night falls on the town.

3.) Wide Angle on the station, the call letters on the sign above it flickering to life.

4.) Inside the station. Alex walks in through the door, a bag slung over one shoulder, carrying a cup of coffee in one hand, bags under his eyes, looking like he hasn’t quite woken up yet.. Snuggert sits in a rolling office chair behind the reception desk, his feet kicked up on the desk, stretching rubber bands on his hands.

SNUGGERT: Good morning! Sleep okay.

ALEX: So-so. Bed was a little lumpy.

SNUGGERT: Just be glad nothing was underneath it.


1.) Snuggert has one hand pushing the door to the studio open and is beckoning Alex to follow him with the other.

SNUGGERT: C’mon. Let me introduce you to your new board op.

2.) They’re in the studio now, headed to the engineering booth, the window of which is clouded with thick smoke.

ALEX: I’ve got a real board op?

SNUGGERT: Not much experience, but he learns fast. A little on job training and I’m sure he’ll work out.

3.) Snuggert opens the door to the engineering booth. Inside, sitting on a chair before the sound board, is slacker monster wearing a “WWSBD: What Would Scott Baio Do?” t-shirt. He has a bong in one hand, a lighter in the other, and has just taken a hit, choking back the smoke. He has a hand raised (the one with the lighter) to say hi, the lighter pressed between his thumb and the web of his hand. Alex also has a hand raised to say hi.

SNUGGERT: Alex, meet Bosch. Bosch… Alex.

BOSCH: (quiet and strained, talking through lings full of smoke) Hey man. You want a hit? *kch* Northern Lights.

ALEX: No uh… I’m good. Maybe later.

4.) Back in the studio proper, Alex is settling down in his chair, pulling his bag off his shoulder to set it down on the floor.

SNUGGERT: Okay, I’m going to take off to check up on some things. You going to be okay?

ALEX: Yeah, sure. I got this.

5.) Snuggert leaves through the studio door.

SNUGGERT: I’ll be listening. In case you feel like having another meltdown, I’ll be here in a flash with the silver bullets and wooden stakes.

ALEX: Don’t worry! Like I said… I got this.


1.) Wide Angle on the DJ room of the Radio Station. Alex is sitting behind the panel with his headphones on, mercifully sober this time. Standing behind the glass in the control room is Snuggert, arms folded, watching with on with an encouraging.

ALEX: Good evening Podunk! This is your new DJ Alex Grimovsky here, playing all your favorites and requests, and hopefully introducing you to a few new ones that will become favorites.

2.) Alex pauses at the mic, deep in thought.

3.) Behind the sound booth glass, Bosch makes a bemused “what’s the deal” gesture with his hands.

ALEX: You know what… let me dispense with the usual DJ bullshit. I can say that here, can’t I?

4.) Alex talking to Bosch, who has one hand over his face and is shaking his head.

ALEX: Say Bosch… those shitheels in the FCC don’t have some sad fuckup monitoring a little short-range station in a top secret town for naughty words, do they?

ALEX: Bosch’s shaking his head, so I’ll take that as a no. Anyways…

5.) Inside of the sound booth, Bosch buries half his face in a hand, shaking his head as if to say, “Here we go again.” Alex continues undaunted.

ALEX: I know we got off on the wrong foot last night. And I’m sorry about that. Genuinely.

6.) Medium Angle. Bosch has taken his face out of his hand, and is looking at Alex, surprised and hopeful. Maybe this isn’t going to be an unmitigated disaster after all.

ALEX: I can be a prick sometimes. Anyone who knows me even casually can confirm that little factoid. In thorough detail.

09-22-2006, 04:36 PM

1.) Medium Angle. Eldon in his living room, sitting in a big ol’ Lay-Z-Boy, a cold can of Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand, smoking a cigar. The place is just as course-looking as its resident: newspapers piled up in a corner, beer cans strewn on the floor, etc. His radio sits on a shelf.

ALEX: (from radio): Fact of the matter is, I didn’t want this job. I didn’t want to move here, to this town.

2.) A typical nuclear family – a father, mother and two kids (boy and girl) – sit down at the dining room table for dinner. Only this family is family of hideous MONSTERS. A dog, a sweet looking Yorkie, sits with his fore-quarters up, begging for table scraps. At the center of the table is a steaming ROAST of some kind. They all hold hands, heads bowed, saying grace.

ALEX: (from radio): But I wasn’t given much of a choice and, well, here I am. Guess that’s one thing we have in common.

3.) Wide Angle inside Slappy’s Diner, which is pretty much empty save for a small group of young monsters at one booth eating french fries. Miranda sits at the bar, taking a little break, smoking a cigarette and looking up at the radio sitting there under the TV set.

ALEX: (from radio) But isn’t that just like life? Always giving us things we don’t want.

4.) Close on Miranda’s face, looking at the radio, Alex’s words ringing true to her soul. For the first time, that practiced scowl of hers fades for a moment, replaced by one of downright pathos.

ALEX: (from radio) So seldom giving us the things we do.

5.) Two GILL-MONSTERS (i.e. The Creature from the Black Lagoon), a male and female, sit in a backward Jacuzzi cuddling, a boom box sitting on the rim of the hot tub.

ALEX: (from radio) Shit. Listen to me wax poetic! I guess finding out that the world isn’t what you thought it was will do that to a man.

6.) Earnest in his garage working on his motorcycle, a sweet looking chopper with ape-hanger handle-bars, tightening a bolt on one of his wheels with a lug wrench.

ALEX: In the end, who knows? Maybe we can learn something from each other. Hell… we might even learn to get along.


1.) Close on Alex at the mic, speaking into it with balls-out sincerity.

ALEX: I don’t pretend to understand you people. Not yet, anyways. But I’m willing to try. And I hope you’ll be willing to return the favor, one exile to another.

2.) Another Angle on Alex. He snaps out of his moody reverie and now seems downright peppy.

ALEX: Ah well… enough of my yappin’! You didn’t tune in to hear me bellyache. You tuned in to hear music.

ALEX: And music is what I’m going to play.

3.) Alex is pulling a vinyl record out of its cover.

ALEX: Dug into my own collection and retrieved some old Roky Erickson records. Figured you bunch would like ‘ol Roky.

4.) Alex places the record on the turntable. (This might be a close-up of his hands setting the record in place.)

ALEX: I mean, with songs like “Night of the Vampire”, “Creature with the Atom Brain”, “I Walked With a Zombie”, figure I can’t go too wrong.

ALEX: This one’s called “Burn the Flames”. Enjoy.

5.) Alex is taking his headphones off. Snuggert is in the sound booth, pushing the TALK button and talking into the mic.

ALEX: How was that?

BOSCH: Like an ice cold Slurpie after a tragic case of cotton mouth.

ALEX: Not too patronizing?

BOSCH: Not at all! You just might leave tonight with all your vital organs intact.


1.) Wide Angle. Alex settles down in front of the TV in his living room. He slouches down onto the couch, beer in one hand, remote in the other, kicking his feet up on the coffee table.

ALEX: All right, let’s see about that free cable.

2.) Small Panel. Close Angle from behind Alex (or over his shoulder) on the TV, his hand extended with the remote. On the TV is the opening credits for “The Munsters”.

SOUND FX: (from remote): *CLICK*

3.) Small Panel. Same Angle. The channel changes… to the opening credits for “Forever Knight”.

SOUND FX: (from remote): *CLICK*

4.) Small Panel. Same Angle. The channel changes again, this time to the opening credits for “The X-Files”.

SOUND FX: (from remote): *CLICK*

ALEX: You gotta be shittin’ me.

5.) Alex jumps in his seat like someone just attached electrodes to his nuts, spilling his beer all over the place.



6.) Alex opens the front door, tentatively.

ALEX: Uh… hello?


1.) Close Angle. Miranda stands before him, holding up a plate with a cake on it. She’s out of her work clothes and dressed in a cute, punky outfit. She looks downright adorable.

MIRANDA: Am I interrupting something?

2.) Alex in the doorway, holding the door open with one hand, hand on the side of his head smoothing back his hair.

ALEX: Oh! Uh… you just kind of caught me by surprise is all. Doorbell’s kind of loud.

ALEX: What can I do for you?

3.) Miranda on the front stoop looking self-conscious, Alex in the doorway suddenly remembering his manners.

MIRANDA: I just got off work. Figured I’d do the neighborly thing and come over and see how you were adjusting.

MIRANDA: Baked you a cake. I know that’s kind of cliché’…

ALEX: Oh! No, that’s… really sweet of you. Why don’t you come in.

4.) Alex’s living room. The two of them sit on the couch, the cake in front of them. Alex has a plate balanced on his lap, lifting a forkful of cake to his mouth. Miranda sits opposite him in a futon chair, leaning forward, hands folded.

ALEX: This is really tasty. Sure you won’t have some?

MIRANDA: No, thanks.

ALEX: I know how you feel. Whenever I spend a lot of time cooking for friends I end up not wanting what I made.

5.) Miranda, looking uncomfortable, twiddling her thumbs, painfully self-conscious.

MIRANDA: It’s not that. We don’t eat solids.


MIRANDA: Vampires.

6.) Close on Alex, looking surprised, suddenly aware of how vulnerable she is revealing this to him.



1.) Alex sets his plate down, getting up.

ALEX: I’m going to get myself a drink. I don’t suppose…

MIRANDA: Sure. Contrary to old Universal monster movies, we do drink wine.

2.) Alex at his liquor cabinet, the door down, pulling a bottle and two tumblers out of it.

ALEX: Fresh out of wine? Will Jack Daniels do?

MIRANDA: Sure. Jack’s my favorite, actually.

ALEX: Well, that’s convenient.

3.) Alex is back on the couch, leaning forward and filling Miranda’s glass. He seems disappointed by her review of his show, but is taking it with good humor.

ALEX: So, how’d you like the show tonight?

MIRANDA: It was okay.

ALEX: Just okay? Well, I suppose that’s better than “interesting”.

4.) Miranda has picked up her tumbler in both hands and is sitting back in her chair. She’s sort of looking down, reassessing her words.

MIRANDA: No, it was good. Really. What I meant was… I think most of the locals here liked it. I’m sure it didn’t send them into a homicidal rage, at least, which is a definite step up from the other night.

5.) Alex has a cigarette in his mouth and is offering the pack to Miranda, who has a hand up saying no while pulling a pack of her own out of her purse.

ALEX: Smoke?

MIRANDA: No thanks. I’ve got my own.

ALEX: So you really liked it?

09-22-2006, 04:37 PM

1.) Miranda lights her cigarette.

MIRANDA: Sure. Loved your block of The Smiths.

ALEX: You… you like The Smiths?

MIRANDA: … Is that so surprising?

2.) Alex and Miranda.

ALEX: Well, yeah.


ALEX: Because you’re a chick.

MIRANDA: Chicks don’t like The Smiths?

3.) Alex sitting forward, pointing at her with his cigarette between his index and middle fingers, blowing out a puff of smoke.

ALEX: No. Chicks like The Cure. There are Cure people and then there are Smiths/Morrissey people. The Cure is a chick band, The Smiths are a guy band.

MIRANDA: Oh bullshit! There are plenty of people who like them both. I like them both.

ALEX: So do I.

4.) Close on Alex, really getting into the discussion now. We can tell this is his “thing” and could go on endlessly about it.

ALEX: Look… I’m a cat person. When I tell people that, they assume it means I don’t like dogs. But I love dogs. It’s nothing personal against them, but I’m a cat person. They just suit my personality more.

ALEX: And in all my travels I’ve never met a chick that preferred the Smiths to The Cure.

5.) Alex and Miranda.

MIRANDA: Well, now you have. Doesn’t that sort of kill your theory?

ALEX: Not at all. Just because there’s an exception to a well established rule doesn’t suddenly make the rule invalid.


1.) Alex makes a concessional gesture with his hands.

ALEX: But hey… I’ve met vampires and three-eyed monsters this week. I guess a female Morrissey fan shouldn’t phase me. Who knows? I might even meet an intelligent Republican at this point.

2.) Close on Miranda, smiling slyly.

MIRANDA: Well, there’s Eldon. But he’s not exactly the sharpest nail in the coffin.

2.) The two of them enjoy a laugh.

3.) Wide Angle on Alex’s House, the bottom floor lit. A black sedan is parked across the street, lights out.

4.) Inside the Car, Charlie Snuggert sits behind the wheel, a coffee cup in hand, watching the house with a dark expression.

5.) Snuggert pulls a small liquor bottle out of his jacket pocket.

6.) Snuggert pours some liquor into his coffee cup.

7.) Snuggert takes a sip.

8.) Snuggert turns his attention back to the house.

SNUGGERT: Ch-ch-chey-ay-yay-yain, chain of fools.


09-27-2006, 10:16 AM
Damn this is good stuff. Easy to read, easy to visualize. The dialogue is great, and while not as polished as the first script, still a great read. There better be a number 3 after this one.... Keep up the good work.

10-09-2006, 01:28 PM
Damn this is good stuff. Easy to read, easy to visualize. The dialogue is great, and while not as polished as the first script, still a great read. There better be a number 3 after this one.... Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the kind words, Adam. As for the third issue, I already have it plotted but think I'll wait til I find an artist to belt it out.