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09-19-2006, 01:00 PM
A couple of disclaimers, the first i threw this together real fast so be kind on the grammar and puncutaion.

The second disclaimer: This was inspired from a passage in the Bible (eph 6: 11-17). I am simply using the Bible as litertature in this story. I am in no way trying to persuade or insult anyone in regards to faith. I hope some people will like this little story. I welcome all comments and criticisms good or bad.

I know it starts in a church,but trust me the story does not stay there.

I have no title but this is eight pages

PAGE ONE (two panels)

Panel 1. (establishing shot) This panel is shot from the back of a small country church. The reader can see the back of the audience, families and what not listening to the sermon. A preacher is visible, at the front of the church, facing the reader. The preacher is a man in his mid thirties, slightly thinning hair, and average in build. He should be drawn as though he is preaching.

Panel 2. This panel is an overhead shot, from slightly behind the preacher; so the reader is looking down on the audience, think Sunday dress.

I hope to see you all back here tonight.

PAGE TWO (four panels)

Panel 1. This panel is a shot of the preacher standing, in the doorway, of the church. The door is open so the reader can see outside, to a nice Sunday afternoon. People are passing by shaking hands with the preacher, smiling, etc. The wife of the preacher is next to him, with a forced, smile on her face.

Panel 2. This panel is a close up of the preacher talking with an elderly lady.

Pastor Nicholas, I was wondering if you could stop by to see my sick mother, in the hospital.

Of course, Please call my office with her room number and a good time to visit. I would be more than happy to stop by.

Panel 3. This panel is a close up of the wife leaning over to her husband (the preacher), to whisper something, in his ear.

WIFE (whispering):
I think I am ready to go home

Panel 4. This panel is shot facing the couple, as they walk out the doors, of the church. The inside of the church is visible, through the doorway, to the reader, with maybe a few people still inside.

WIFE (whisper):
We need to tell people. Iím tire of this act.


PAGE THREE (five panels)

Panel 1. This panel is a shot of the preacher inside his car driving home. The wife is in the front passenger seat, with two kids (a boy and girl) sitting in the back seat. The boy looks about 16 while the girl looks around 12.

Lord please, please help me to fix this

Panel 2. This panel shows the family going inside their home. They live in a modest suburban home.

WIFE (to kids):
You two got to your rooms, your dad and I need to talk

Panel 3. This panel shows the couple sitting at their round kitchen table. The kitchen is very typical.

Is there anything I can do?

NO, not anymore, youíre just too committed, to the church, to have anytime for me.

Panel 4. This panel is a close up shot, of the profile of the reverend.

I can change. I can make more time for both you and the kids.

Panel 5. This panel shows the wife with her back to the camera standing at a kitchen sink.

Itís too late

PAGE FOUR (five panels)

Panel 1. The preacher is sitting in an office. He is sitting, in a large office chair turned away, from a desk. A few papers, pictures of family, and a computer sit on the top, of the desk. The walls, of the office, are lined with tall bookshelves, full of many books.

Monday morning

Another sleepless night on the couch

Lord, I donít know what to doÖ

Panel 2. This panel is a close up of a light overhead that has suddenly went out.

Panel 3. This panel is a close up of the computer screen suddenly gone blank.

Panel 4. This panel is a shot of the preacherís surprised face. An unseen light shines, on his face, coming from the direction he is facing.

Panel 5. This panel is shot from the POV of the preacher looking at a wide open door, with a bright, white, illuminating light, shining through the doorway.

John- -

- - John Nicholas

PAGE FIVE (three panels)

Panel 1. This panel is shot from behind the preacher, who is stepping into the illuminated doorway. The light dominates the picture making the preacher a mere silhouette.

Panel 2. The preacher has walked completely through. The door is now shut behind him. The reader can still see the preacher is facing the bright light. A look of shock should be portrayed on the preachers face.

Panel 3. This panel is shot from the POV of the preacher. The reader can see an angel (Gabriel). The angel is majestic in appearance, with curly blonde hair and fair skin. He has large white wings, with tips that almost touch the ground. The white light is all around and coming from this angel.

John Nicholas, servant of the Lord, your service is requested in battle.

PAGE SIX (six panels)

Panel 1. This panel is a side view of the preacher kneeling before the Gabriel.

Arise; we have no time you are needed in spiritual warfare.

But, why me?- -

Iím not worthy of this.

Panel 2. This panel is a top down view angled more toward the preacher, who is now standing, with his head bowing, facing the Gabriel.

The Lord has chosen you. This alone makes you worthy.

John Nicholas if you walk back through the door the armor of the Lord will be give to you.

Panel 3. This panel is shot from behind both Gabriel and the preacher. The reader can see the back of both characters. The preacher has his hand on the doorknob.

I must warn you. A mortal that fall in the spirit realm cannot return, to this earthly plane

Panel 4. The preacher is in the process of stepping through the doorway.
I made a vow to serve God no matter what.

Panel 5. This panel is shot from the POV of the preacher, who has stepped into the spiritual realm. The realm is white with no apparent floor or ceiling. There are very irregular shapes of varying colors scattered about. The reader can see demons (the artist can have some fun) battling angels, through out the picture. I would suggest the demons have gothic type weapons while the angels carry knightly sorta of weapons.

Panel 6. This panel is a shot of the preacher. He is now wearing a full suit of gladiator type armor, with a very impressive looking sword and shield, in his hands.

PAGE SEVEN (six panels)

Panel 1. This panel is a shot of the preacherís shield receiving a direct blow from a mace being wielded by a demon.


Panel 2. This panel is a close up the face of the shield that now has a large crack down the middle.

Panel 3. This panel is a side view of an angel slightly elevated looking down, toward the preacher and the reader.

The stronger your faith the stronger the shield.

Panel 4. This is an aerial shot of the preacher looking upward toward the heavens.

Lord, you have never failed me yet.

Panel 5. The demon strikes the shield again, but this time the preacher easily knocks away the blow.


Panel 6. The preacher uses his sword to slice through the demon

PAGE EIGHT (five panels)

∑ A note to artist: each time the preacher slices through another demon add one of the irregular color pattern shapes in the next panel.

Panel 1. The preacher slices through a demon

Panel 2. The preacher slices through another demon.

Panel 3. The reader is looking right at the preacher. A doorway has opened up behind him with a hand coming through about to grab the preacher.

John Nicholas, you are needed back in the physical realm

Panel 4. The preacher is now back in his office. He is sitting in his chair wearing his normal clothes. A phone is ringing.


Panel 5. The preacher has answered the phone


Hello Mr. Nicholas, this is principal Johnson. I am sorry to bother you sir, but I have been informed one of our teachers caught your son smoking cigarettes in the boy's bathroom.