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08-18-2006, 11:17 AM

My name is Richard Pulfer and I've been writing the webcomic "Hector!" since this point (http://www.risecomics.net/number23.html).

The premise follows an ordinary joe stuck filling the shoes of a legendary hero, in a fantasy world he believes to be a dream. What follows is something of a rude awakening.

First off, I took over this post filling in for my friend Luke, who wrote the comic script which became the basis of "Hector!". You can access this material by hitting "First" on the navigation and cycling through the original 22 pages (there's also a different artist). Comments for this section would be handy too, as my friend has very little faith in his work there.

For me, the problem was finding the characters' voice, and therein, their motivations, desires, subconscious fears, etc. - everything I needed in order to be comfortable writing them. And while I think I've finally found that, after a lot of hard work on the profile page, I want to make sure I haven't overlooked another aspect of my writing.

Also, its challenging to go from a 22-page script to a simple 4-5 panel per strip format, and its an adjustment I still haven't made yet.

Further feedback is very much appreciated.


Richard Pulfer

Trey of Diamonds
08-18-2006, 11:52 AM
Hi Richard,

Reincarnating Hector in Old Chicago? That took some guts. I took a sneak peek and it really looks intriguing. I will try and give it a more detailed read over the weekend and let you know what I think.

Welcome to the board, make yourself at home,