View Full Version : profession of a madman synopsis

monkey brains
08-16-2006, 03:02 PM
Lester is on his way out, but his douche bag roommate Chandler has a hissy fit because of Lester leaving blood stains on the nice Ikea set up, Lester just belches, criticizes his vegan cooking and moves on.
Back at Lesters office Some cheesy tweaker named Spitball shows up and wants to hire Lester to track down his stolen meth-trailer and quickly gets turned down by Lester, because Spitball is a sucker and doesnít have enough money to cover the retainer.
Lester comes home, his money and Chandlers furniture have been taken by spitball. Lester could care less about his douche bag roommates furniture, but the money is another story.
Lester catches up with Spitball and whips him silly. Spitball explains it was his boss Skyler that actually stole the money and furniture, to compensate for the loss of his meth-trailer.
Lester brings Skyler the trailer, the only catch is itís on fire. He dishes out piping hot ass whoppins all over the place. Nobody escapes the wraith!
Chandler comes home to an apartment overstocked with shitty, trailer park ass furniture. He even has Skyler and his critically injured posse of ignit move the furniture as Lester sits around counting all the money he just punked off of them.