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05-27-2006, 04:15 PM
A script I did a year back about a group of psyhic profilers coming to terms with the sudden death of one of them and the disturbing dreams they've been having.


Panel 1:
Bird-eye view of a dining room. Seven people are seated round a table and a vacant seat at the head of the table. Their ages range from midthirties to late forties. They are all casually dressed. The table is littered with ashtrays, cigarette butts and spilled ashes, stained coffee mugs, half-eaten pies, breadcrumbs, crumpled and soiled napkins, discarded cutleries and a half-emptied bottle of whiskey. Nearest to the vacant head of the table from the right-hand side with thinning hairs, a lean, tired face and an unlit cigarette stuck in the corner of his mouth is Vincent Park. Next to him Dan Atkins, a coloured man in his early forties who looks absent-mindedly as he stab at the piece of pie in front of him. Nancy Smith, a woman in her midthirties wearing a black leather jacket over a short, white t-shirt is next to him. John Oldman, bald, plumy looks uncomfortable in his three-piece suit, a suit that threatens to rip apart is next to her. On the left-hand side of the table is Sue Armstrong, preoccupied with the pattern of the smoke from her cigarette (i.e. she is looking at us, quizzically), the only one who had tried to dress for dinner in her red, business jacket. Next to her is Owen Spikes, a man in his midforties, looking tired with his shallow pallor, he has the thinning hair on his forehead wet and paste against his forehead, while twirling an empty glass, drunkenly, before his eyes with one hand and reaching for the half-emptied bottle of whiskey with the other. After him is Jackie Wayne (another coloured person, female) in her late thirties, the only one with an appetite for food, which consists of a loaf of bread and a cup of coffee.
CAPS: "There is nothing wrong with a group of worn-out profilers having dinner to discuss the fragments of our dreams, a dream they now live in…"
DAN: God bless Pete’s soul

Panel 2:
Long shot of the group: Vincent is about to light the cigarette stuck at the corner of his mouth. Dan still stabs at his pie. Nancy is stirring her cup of coffee. John is tightening the knot of his tie. Sue is studying the uncanny, miniature, humanoid form spirally spinning upwards with her cloud of smoke and Owen is helping himself to a generous quantity of the wine. Jackie takes another bite at the loaf.
CAPS: "a nightmare, now all too real"
VINCENT: Don't you think you've had enough, Owen.
OWEN: Not for what we're here for. This might as well be the last I'll ever have. I don't think I'm going to heaven when I die.
SUE: I can't afford to die.
JACKIE: Nobody's dying yet when there's a second choice.

Panel 3:
This is a scene where we see Vincent, Dan, Nancy and John in the foreground with their backs to us. The midground is the table, while the background has the rest of the group. Vincent is angrily trying to bring his dead lighter to life. Dan is pushing his plate away. Nancy is slipping from her cup. John is looking at us, side profile, as he rises from his seat. Sue is stubbing out her cigarette in the ashtray without taking her eyes from the strangely, disturbing patterns of her smoke. Owen, drunkenly, spill wine on the table, while Jackie who is barking angrily at him.
VINCENT: Dammit!
DAN: The P.M. said he suffocated with a leather bag over his head.
JOHN: Excuse me
SUE: All I wanna know is the S.O.B. who did this! I never saw the face in my dreams.
JACKIE: Get a grip on yourself Owen. Even if I'm gonna die, I wanna dine!

Panel 4:
Close shot of the table with Owen’s hand in the foreground as the bottle slips from his hand and shatters on the table, throwing its content into the air. In the background, the others recoil.
CAPS: We were profilers, with a difference. We could collectively dream the events of a crime -murder - and fit in the pieces to get the big picture for those that needed it.
SFX: Smash!

Panel 5:
Bird-eye view of the group all getting up to their feet to avoid further stain, except for Owen:
CAPS: But tonight, we were not here to solve another one before it happened. We were here to find who among us was guilty of the death of one of us, Pete Hill…

Panel 1:
Shot of John walking briskly away with a hand tucked beneath his jacket. He looks apprehensively behind at his scurrying mates in the midground and background; except for Owen who is still seating stupefied. Nancy stands over him angrily, while Vincent hurls his lighter against the wall with the best of his rage.
CAPS: whose house we had gathered. We were all afraid of ourselves...
NANCY: The dream says we will all die or find the killer.
OWEN: Who? Me?

Panel 2:
Sue is in the foreground, looking furious as she walks away with a hand in her opened handbag. Vincent is in the midground leaning on the table wearily. Dan is awkwardly pushing his seat away. Nancy storms away from Owen in the opposite direction from John who we see disappearing behind a door. Jackie follows a few feet behind Nancy.
CAPS: It was one of us, could've been anybody. But why? Our worst fear was knowing who.
VINCENT: We’re losing it all.
NANCY: I'm going to freshen up.
JACKIE: Me too. You should know just how much this dress cost, Owen!
OWEN: Sue’s got it hotter than ye

Panel 3:
Bird-eye view of the male toilet: John is leaning his bulky form against the door as he clips a magazine into a pistol. The tap is running into the sink, freely.
CAPS: In all our experiences as profilers, this was one case we never imagined to profile, save for the killer among us.
JOHN (thought): I know it doesn't have to come to this, but I've got a life to live...

Panel 4:
Close shot his hands as the magazine clips in.
JOHN (thought): I can't wind up like Pete! Christ, what am I doing here!
SFX: Click!

Panel 5:
John is bent over the tap and has his back to us. His right-hand is under the running tap, while his left-hand tucks the gun into the holster clipped to the back of his trouser.
CAPS: What we thought personally resolved it among ourselves without putting our jobs on the line...
JOHN: I hate these dreams, I hate this powers! I’m quitting!

Panel 6:
John is staring at us in alarm. His face is wet and his hair is pasted to his forehead, his eyes and mouth are wide opened. There is a long, humanoid silhouette in his eyes.
CAPS: or so we thought.
JOHN: Oh ... Christ!
SFX: Creeeeak!


Panel 1:
View of Nancy and Jackie posing before a large makeup mirror. They are refreshing their makeup.
CAPS: Some minutes later.
NANCY: Why someone kill Pete?
JACKIE: You should be asking yourself, I'm not a killer.
NANCY: Can you be believed? I can't even trust myself. Wish I never had that stupid dream.

Panel 2:
Jackie is the foreground looking cynically at Nancy, who is in the background, as she repairs her lips.
JACKIE: Take away the dreams and they'll drop us like a piece of hot coal, our live is gone.
NANCY: ...

Panel 3:
Close shot of the women looking startled/frightened and are almost running away from the shattered makeup mirror.
NANCY: Arrh!

Panel 4:
Bird-eye view of the opened doors of the male and female toilets: The women are standing slightly away from their toilet. Nancy has her hand over her mouth, while Jackie looks like someone about to take to her heels. Lying in a pool of blood in front of the male toilet is John with a red patch over his chest, clutching a smoking gun. Beside him, we can see the outline of fleeing shoeprints.
NANCY: Oh my God, it's like my dream again.
JACKIE: You dreamt of this too?
NANCY (whisper): Look, the killer has his print all over.

Panel 5:
Nancy is walking, frightfully, away in the foreground, drawing out a small handgun from her purse; while in the background, Jackie looks startled, trying to call Nancy's attention while fleeing in the opposite direction with a hand over her ears.
CAPS: It was supposed to be a confession...
JACKIE: What're doing with a gun, Nancy? It doesn't have to come to this!
NANCY: I wouldn't wait helplessly like Pete, to be killed senselessly.

Panel 6:
Side profile of Dan in the foreground. The background is made up of silhouettes of cutleries. He is clipping a magazine to a gun and there are beads of perspirations on his face.
CAPS: Moment later
DAN (thought): Why should I kill somebody? Probably, I would inherit their powers. Hmm, that's a sick one from the movies...
SFX: Click!


Panel 1:
Dan's headshot: He is looking over his shoulders at an off-Panel distraction.
DAN (thought): Probably, the benefits would be greater, cosmic powers ... Hey, who goes there!
SFX: Thud!

Panel 2:
Close shot of Dan in the foreground dragged into the shadows from behind by the silhouette of a man. The silhouette has one hand covering Dan’s mouth and the other holding a blade that slit open Dan's throat, sprouting blood in the air. The only visible glance of the silhouette of the man is an olive-green jacket and the brown gloves. Dan has a petrified look on his face.
KILLER: Sweet dreams...
DAN: gaggg
SFX: Slash!

Panel 3:
We see the lower part of the killer departing from the scene of the crime (i.e. towards us) in the foreground. The murder weapon and one of the gloves lies in the midground, while the other glove fall-offs from the killer's hand. Dan is lying in a pool of blood, gushing from the slit throat in the background. The neck is oddly twisted and his face still has the petrified look.
KILLER: … or a damning nightmare

Panel 4:
Long shot of a door thrown opened and Nancy comes running through.
CAPS: Meanwhile
NANCY (thought): I'm not losing these all to some self-contained maniac.

Panel 5:
Close shot of Nancy's legs standing astride in the foreground. The background is the image of a partly opened door, curtained, but beneath the curtain, we see a pair of blood-soiled sneakers.
NANCY (thought): There!
NANCY (whisper): Oh my God!

Panel 6:
Nancy is standing near the door with a handover the doorknob and the muzzle of her gun trained at the part opening. She looks shaken.


Panel 1:
The door and the curtain is thrown wide opened. Dangling above the sneakers are a pair of limp looking, bare legs.
NANCY (off-Panel): No!

Panel 2:
Worm-eye view of Owens’ corpse dangling stiffly by a cord tightly woven round his broken neck from the roof. Nancy is clutching his legs, tears running freely down her face. In the midground are a mallet, a broken gun and a magazine, lying on the floor. In the background is the silhouette of a man dashing past behind the opened door and the curtain.
NANCY: Don't leave me Owen, don't do this us! Owen?

Panel 3:
Nancy is in the foreground with a hand wrapped around the corpse's ankle, while the other points her gun at us. There is fear in her eyes.
NANCY (whisper): I-it can’t be

Panel 4:
Medium shot of Jackie crouching behind a closet.
CAPS: Later
JACKIE (thought): Would they want to believe me now? I should have told them about the haunting

Panel 6:
Bird-eye view of the outside the toilets. There is a pool of blood were John lied, but his corpse is nowhere in sight. Jackie stands in the lower corner of the Panel.
JACKIE (thought): He's no more, but I'm supposed to be doing this, or are our dreams wrong again?