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05-13-2006, 01:08 AM
see revised version.

05-15-2006, 07:00 AM
My only concern is that it might not be immediately obvious to a lay reader that Zeus and Juno are from different cultures, since Ancient Green and Roman imagery is very similar. It might be better to go for something more obviously different - Zeus with Isis, for example - to kick things off, then bring in the Roman gods on the Egyptian side.

A couple of single panel pages seem OK, to me - plenty of room for your artist to put in loads of detail on the first page, and dramatic tension on the second.

05-15-2006, 11:12 AM
I agree - The similarities in Greek in Roman gods would perhaps cause some confusion for the reader - I know that they would be drawn differently (in Greek & Roman attire, at least), but the mythological similarities between the 2 cultures could lead to some nerdy nit-picking by mythology nerds - as I'm sure you know, the Romans did have a habit of co-opting other religions.

Perhaps, though, I missing the wider point. It is possible you are trying at something that requires mythological/cultural similarity between Hera/Juno.

I can definitely tell you have a good sense of visual imagery, though - as AthenaRose said, you have left some large panels/splashes for artists, which does, in fact, suggest an epic layout to me.

05-15-2006, 11:37 AM
Thanks guys, but I totally scratched these pages. I have a new 5 page start that has a little less splash pages and more story between how this war happened. I used Greek and Roman for a couple of reasons. First, the map in my head of the war has Greece and Italy are the center of the battles. Second, it is the fact that they are the some characters in myth and that is my little joke to the mythological nerds (me being one!). The Greek and Romans are not going to be the main focus of the story anyway, just the start of.

05-15-2006, 06:27 PM
Revised version:

Myth War

Page 1: (4 panels)

Panel 1: Large shot of a party. Greeks and Romans are drinking and talking to each. In the middle of the panel is a table that has Jupiter (Roman) sitting with Juno (Roman). Across the table is Zeus (Greek) standing with Hera (Greek) sitting next to him. Zeus has his glass raised as if giving a toast.

Zeus: To the Greeks and Romans living in peace!

Panel 2: Medium shot of Jupiter, Juno, and Hera raising their glasses with Zeus in a toast. Zeus is looking at Juno with a slight smirk on his face. Juno is seductively returning the look.

Jupiter, Juno, and Hera: To Peace!

Panel 3: Close-up of the glasses as they cling together.

SFX: Clink

Panel 4: Medium shot of Zeus putting his arm around Jupiter in a friendly manner. They are both smiling.

Zeus: Did I ever tell you how I overthrew Cronos?

Page 2: (5 panels)

Panel 1: Large shot of the party as people in the background seem to be getting drunker. Sitting at the same table as page 1 panel 1, Zeus is intensely talking to Jupiter. Jupiter is laughing. Juno is affectingly looking at Zeus. Hera is rolling her eyes.

Zeus: Then he vomited all my siblings—all over the place.

Hera: Men and their war stories.
Panel 2: Medium shot of Juno standing, looking at Zeus as Zeus is looking at her. Jupiter seems oblivious, because he is still laughing. But Hera caught the look and is angry.

Juno: Goodnight, it time for me to retire to bed.

Jupiter: Goodnight.
Jupiter: So, what happened next?

Panel 3: Medium shot of Zeus standing up looking at Jupiter. Hera looks even more pissed now.

Zeus: Oh, I just remembered—I better see if Dionysus is doing ok. You know how he likes his wine.

Panel 4: Close-up of a door cracked open a little bit, inviting somebody to come in.

Panel 5: Medium shot of Zeus at the same as the last panel looking around to see if he was followed.

Page 3: (1 panel)

Panel 1: Juno is facing the reading with her arms around Zeus kissing his cheek. Zeus can be seen over Juno’s shoulder. His arms are around her waist.

Zeus: Now, who is the better god?

Page 4: (5 panels)

Panel 1: Medium shot of Zeus and Juno facing each other.

Zeus: You where going to tell me something?

Panel 2: Close-up of Zeus kissing Juno’s neck as she talks to him.

Juno: Oh…you are definitely the best god.

Panel 3: Another close-up of Zeus switching to the other side of Juno’s neck.

Zeus: No. Who does Jupiter fear the most?

Panel 4: Medium shot of Juno getting kissed on the shoulder by Zeus.

Juno: Oh…let’s not talk about him and his silly fears.

Panel 5: Medium shot of Zeus pushing Juno back at arms length and looking at her seriously.

Zeus: This is important. I need to know.

Page 5: (4 panels)

Panel 1: Same as panel 5 on the last page, but Juno has her head lowered.

Juno: The Norse. He is afraid of the Norse clan.

Panel 2: Same as Panel 1, but Zeus is trying to make Juno look up at him.

Zeus: That’s my girl.

Panel 3: Large shot of Juno and Zeus sharing a passionate kiss. Juno’s back is to the door. The door is visible again and is still cracked open a little. At the door you can see Hera peeping in. She looks very angry.

Panel 4: Close-up of Zeus looking over Juno’s shoulder in the direction of the door. He is smiling.

Zeus: So, I’m the best god.