View Full Version : Red Pencils?

09-14-2005, 07:46 PM
What are these red pencils that I keep seeing in sketch books?


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09-14-2005, 09:21 PM
Pictures drawn with red pencil in sketchbooks?
Where have you seen them?

09-20-2005, 12:19 AM
Red pencils are used a lot by animators, primarily to separate effects from characters but also to keep other elements clear when doing complex sequences. They'll use blue pencil for the right legs of an animal walk and red for the left ... for example.

09-20-2005, 11:57 PM
I've used both red orange and the blue pencil from col-erase. I like the orange best cause it is a much easier to see your finish mark(ink or pencil) when you are drawing. That's just a matter of preference though. Blue is okay and works well too. But orange is best, and with the advancement of computers much easier to remove in photoshop than blue.

07-08-2006, 07:30 PM
My penciller used red pencils on the whole book for Bubba #7... lol... boy, that drove the colorist crazy... LOL... looked pretty cool though and didn't bother me any during the inking stage as it was easier to see... just a bit more difficult to get rid of in the scanning stage to prepare for colorist.

07-10-2006, 03:12 PM
I've used blue pencils for so long that I'm more comfortable sketching with them than a regular grey pencil.

Almost anyone who has never seen my art will always comment "why are some lines blue" and I explain. But I'm so used to them, when I finish penciling a piece, I don't even see the blue. But they are so soft I'm constantly sharpening them, and consequently, drawing with really short pencils...

07-19-2006, 08:00 PM
Have you tried the tech pencil non-photos? They are great. I hate woodies period so I sketch with a 5h or non-photo with my tech pencil.