View Full Version : Thomas Wayne as Batman...

12-20-2017, 11:59 AM
Now,when I first saw a reprint of the classic Batman story,"The first Batman" by bob kane,I wondered what it would've been like if they ever actually resurrected this concept,and boy did they ever.

I was mighty amazed and surprised that they did such a concept in the recent DC FLASHPOINT saga,and lookee here they did it again in recent issues of the EARTH 2 series at that.

Now,it's a strange,but interesting concept at that,seeing bruce's dad as an otherworldly batman,gives off a nice batman as the punisher or as cable or even an alternate frank miller gone mad design when you think of it.

Now,we all know Bruce is the true major batman,but...which would of any of you prefer if given a choice,bruce or Thomas the dark knight?

Mine is obviously bruce he is batman after all.