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10-29-2017, 01:00 AM
Hi, I'm Brett Reistroffer, a sometime music journalist, podcaster, and owner/editor of the small-press genre fiction publisher Bad Dream Entertainment (http://www.baddreamentertainment.com/) (this is an independent project though, and not related to BDE). I am looking for an artist to work on a new weekly webcomic. The comic is a comedic series about a goofball inventor and his family; it will be single-page installments, done weekly (one page per week). The work I'm looking for will be black and white, fully inked and lettered. I'm open to most styles, but a somewhat cartoonish look would fit best. This is a paid gig with a $45/page rate, along with a backend share should there ever be any profit from any source (collected digital or print trades, Patreon, crowdfunding, etc.). The backend can be negotiated against the page rate, either higher or lower; I'm very open in that regard. There isn't a total number of installments set in stone, but it is also not planned to be a truly ongoing series; I'm only looking to run this comic for about a year, so the artist should take that commitment into consideration.

The Art
Black and white, standard comic book dimensions, fully inked and lettered and delivered as either 300dpi TIF files or print-ready PDFs. The schedule of the webcomic will be weekly, so the artist will be committing to one completed page of art per week.

The artist will be paid a page rate of $45, paid out within one business week (five days) of each delivered page through Paypal. I will pay for the first page upfront, and then for each subsequent page upon their delivery. As mentioned, there will also be a backend on the profit share which can be discussed.

Please send submissions (links to portfolios please, no attachments) or questions to brettreistroffer@gmail.com, thanks for the interest and I look forward to seeing your work!

11-13-2017, 04:03 AM
An artist has been found for this project. Thank you to everyone who sent in their portfolios!