View Full Version : PAID Job for Colorist - Seven Pages of Spooky Kids Comic

Sean Fahey
10-27-2017, 10:38 PM
PAID GIG -- Looking for a colorist to color seven pages of artwork. The artwork is penciled and inked by Ben Passmore (Adventure Time Comics) and will be one half of a kids "flip book." The seven pages are each one-page stories about a character named "Ruprecht"--imagine "Dennis the Menace" meets "The Addams Family."

Pay is $35.00 USD per page. Colorist will also receive five physical copies of the final book (and a digital copy as well). Payment will be sent via PAYPAL within five days of receiving low-rez versions of the final colored art. Within five days of sending payment, I will expect hi-rez versions of the final art.

If you need references, contact information for many of the artists I have worked with is available on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BlackJackPress

If interested, please send LINKS (no attachments) to your work coloring sequential pages to me at: scfahey@yahoo.com


Best Regards,
Sean Fahey