View Full Version : [PAID] Comic Artist wanted for Sci-Fi Slice of Life Anthology short story

10-20-2017, 11:59 PM
I'm looking for a comic book artist who can also do lettering for a Sci-Fi Slice of Life Anthology short story. The basic idea is a science fiction school with drama and romance but more Riverdale than Archie. The story will be around 5 pages long in color.

The anthology is being funded through Kickstarter. The publisher is paying $35 directly to each creator (artist/writer) as well as a possible bonus if goals are exceeded. Plus a copy of the book. I will supplement this page rate with at least an additional $45. That's -$10 page rate for me :( Making the total page rate for you $80 (possibly more with bonus). I will consider going slightly higher depending on the artist.

If the pitch is not accepted or the Kickstarter fails, I would still like to make the comic. I will pay full $80 page rate out of pocket. Whether accepted into the anthology or not, I want to use this as pitch for a series so I'm definitely looking for professional work and someone who would be up for the possibility of more work.

This is my first original work of fiction though I did recently submit a pitch to an FTL anthology and I am going ahead with it whether accepted or not. I've done some comedic fan fiction parody web comics for my website: L7world.com.

The pitch is due by October 23 so please check your email / notes / Private Messages / telepathic communication / and smoke signals to confirm you're on board if selected.

Comic completion deadline: December 22nd (so around a page week unless I end up funding it entirely then no rush).

Please post or link to your portfolio (required for pitch) which should have sequential / colored work and ideally lettering.

Contact: Apply4SciFiAnthology@mail.com