View Full Version : If You Like My Pitch, Let's Team Up.

10-08-2017, 04:39 AM

Some of my previous projects include:



As you can see they are both very different styles and with my new project this trend will continue.

This project is my take on the superhero genre. What if teenagers with deadly powers were rounded up and turned into slaves to kill high profile targets, or ...even fellow super heroes? This is: INHUMAN TRAFFIC.

The story follows Kaster Klave, a teen with the ability to make anything around him extremely sharp as he gets himself put into a human trafficking ring for people with powers, also known as Evos. After an amazing escape with his sister he comes back to rescue the other Evo's and destroy the inhuman trafficking ring for good. There's a cast of fun and motley characters, love, betrayal, and more humanity than you usually get from a typical super hero book along with incredible action and over the top powers. I have a 6 issue story arc planned and I've started the scripts. I've written and edited many books so far but this one I feel is my jewel that I'd like to do with a really great artist.

I've included a quick concept idea for cover art for fun.https://forums.tapas.io/uploads/default/original/3X/3/b/3bfe5c55c377444f2549e5352da3da6a3e0e4691.jpg

If interested please drop me a line at creepsville@gmail.com with some examples of your work. Hoping to collaborate with an artist that I can have a lasting work relationship with.