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GEE Comics
10-03-2017, 10:54 PM
Hey all,

I am a writer who self-publishes work on a digital publishing platform created specifically for indie work (geecomics.com). I have over two years worth of work built up to release on a monthly schedule and have just stated to release these past couple of weeks. Big Willy - GEE Comics flagship character - is the first series to be released on a regular monthly/bi-monthly schedule. A second wickedly fun ride of a web series, titled Woe Joe, will soon be released bi-weekly/monthly as well.

I am looking for an artist(s) to collaborate with on a short story that will be used to pitch a self-contained graphic novel/mini-series to established publishers. Along with using the short to pitch, it will also be published on geecomics.com in the hopes of developing interest for it.

This is meant to be FUN first and foremost. I am an indie writer trying to find his voice, and a fanbase. But, to sweeten the pot for you, here's the deal; on geecomics.com there is an option for fans to pay if they want to support the creators. Whatever gets gets paid for the short story that we collaborate on, then you, the artist, will get 100% of it for the first year it is published on geecomics.com. In addition, if we work well together, paid work may follow for titles that GEE Comics publishes.

Please contact me at info@geecomics.com if interested in hearing more with a couple of your sequential page samples.


Gary Mac