View Full Version : Looking for an artist for a 10 - 12 issue series

09-26-2017, 06:26 PM
Looking for an artist for a 10 - 12 issue Cheerleader Karate School series.

It's inspiration comes from a mix of Dragonball Z, Supernatural, Buffy and Pretty Cure. That's my thought anyway. Action, over the top monsters and drama will drive the stories.

We filmed an episode of it you can see on youtube or Amazon Prime searching 'Cheerleader Karate School' (https://youtu.be/b1GTKskzMxY) or clicking the link. With current resources, time, money quality and other factors we are taking the rest of the first season to the comic book medium to tell the stories, build the fanbase and see if we can't garner enough interest to circle back around to a live action product.

Looking at all mix of visual styles, not married to one just yet as long as you can make the fights looking nice when the time comes for those, we are good.

Looking for rate information at the moment for budgeting reasons and looking to start the book in earnest in December or January possibly, though we will likely look at some promo pin up pages before then to float out to the masses as well as put up on the CKS FB page and social media so I can divorce it from the live action take and the actors involved in it.

Inbox me or email taurianfilms@gmail.com for more information if this might be something in your wheelhouse.