View Full Version : Writer Seeking Artist for Creator-Owned Project

09-21-2017, 06:21 PM
I am looking for artists who are willing to take the chance and join me on a creator-owned project. That means no page rates, but we own everything together. I have books available on Amazon and Comixology, as well as some self-published comics in my background. As this is a creator-owned comic there is no deadline, we will make this at our own pace and you are free to take paying work in-between our project. If interested please contact me at: jamesthecomicswriter@live.com

My pitches:

•The Fraternity—Single Issue Story about a super-powered fraternity, Animal House meets Chronicle.
•Suburban Gods—(Ongoing) Stories about the ancient gods living in the modern day world, struggling with everyday life. Slice-of-life vignettes about the gods new lives.
•Rebel: My Life as a Supervillain—(Mini-Series) A story about one man’s life as a supervillain, and a dark story about friendship and betrayal. It’s Goodfellas with superpowers.