View Full Version : Halloween Pumpkin Animation

09-17-2017, 10:38 PM
Hi everyone!

This is a pumpkin animation that I made for my website in honor of Halloween. I found that the more frames I use, the smoother the animation is. I have been experimenting by slowing the frame rate down but that makes it a bit jerky. Please enjoy and let ke know your thoughts.


09-18-2017, 12:31 AM
I don't get it....
Wouldn't it have been stronger (image wise), if the eyes and mouth etc were consistant and static, the it just flickered like a flame was inside?

09-18-2017, 02:25 AM
Should give the whole pumpkin some movement, not just eyes and mouth

09-18-2017, 12:15 PM
As a fan of all things Hallowe'en, I give your project a thumbs up, especially since it's a whole lot more than anything I could do! I do agree, a static face with a flickering light on the inside would have definitely made it that much more Hallowe'eny, but the surface textures and colors on the pumpkin are nice.