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JC Lacek
09-14-2017, 11:06 AM
Hereís the dealÖ
Iím a writer/creator who is in the early stages of putting together a team to develop pitch materials for a comic series that is in development. I will not go into too much detail here, but the project encompasses the fictionalization of a highly successful american electronic musician who is attached to the project as co-creator/producer (Iíll be glad to go into the details over PM). Before moving forward with other members of the team, first, we are searching for a sequential illustrator to come on board on a work-for-hire basis so we can get an idea of the look of the book.

What we want from you: We need you to have experience illustrating comics with a portfolio of published (and also experience in ongoing series). Ideally you have had work published with at least one publisher from the top twenty global companies. https://www.thetoptens.com/comic-publishers-media/
This is not a requirement but it highly increases your chances for consideration. The initial job will be a pitch package, meaning around 6 pages of art, some character study pages and a mock cover. After that, if the book finds a publisher, we need you to sign on for the at least a 4-6 issue arc.

The look of the book: This is a cosmic fantasy comedy geared at an all ages demographic but with strong adult overtones. We are not looking for overly animated characters but we also donít want too much realism or muscle heads. This is not an intense book with a lot of violent action (although there will be some, so be able to demonstrate fluid action in your work), so please, if your work is of the superhero ilk and thatís the only style you do, know that is not what we are looking for.

Rate: Our target is $70 per page (pencils+inks). We are very open to negotiating page rate if your skill level and portfolio of published work is at a highly professional level. Inks are not required but ideal because we feel many times people ink their own work the best.

Terms: Payment will be fulfilled within one to two week of receiving invoice (invoice can be as simple as a basic email). We would ideally like to pay every 4-5 pages completed to alleviate unnecessary back and forth.

Payment will be fulfilled either through paypal or direct deposit if applicable.

We retain the right to have three revisions for each page of art before declaring it completed. Three is rare, usually one revision is the average, but just in case we ask for three. Once you have received payment you will deliver a a hi-res tiff of the artwork

About me: My name is JC Lacek. Iím a comic book writer and columnist and also work as a playwright. A simple google search will bring up a bunch of links.


All inquiries must be sent to tpats.comic@gmail.com