View Full Version : Artist needed for The Gingerbread Man horror

09-11-2017, 01:33 PM
Hi! I have a first draft of a script for a horror one shot comic book called The Gingerbread Man and I now need an artist to begin character designs and such while we complete the script. The Gingerbread man is about a serial killer who has a connection to The Gingerbread Man story. I'd prefer someone who can provide finished art with ink, color etc. We are moving as fast as possible on this project and I intend to submit it to Comixology when it's ready. I'm very confident it can be published there and in advance of another project called Holmes: Undead that I'm producing as a pitch to Image Comics. Please provide as much sequential art as possible and please understand that this is a collaboration and no one on our team is being paid-we're attempting to get published. At which team we'll all be rewarded. Thanks!