View Full Version : The Storytelling Is Usually the Problem

08-21-2017, 05:41 PM
I've been looking at some of the sequential pages from artists here for years and my comments always end up the same way. There is a problem with the storytelling.

I am very biased towards storytelling and that's why I don't bother looking at the Artist Showcase and only care about the sequential art ones. Artistry has nothing to do with visual storytelling.

They are two different skills that enhance one another. However, without strong visual storytelling skills, no amount of good rendition will cover the problems in your work. It will only make them blow up.

Artists tend to spend to much time trying for style - whatever it is they wish it to be and not enough on learning how to tell a story. Telling signs are comic pages where every frame could be a poster. You could extract any panel and blow it up into a poster. Characters are posing, looking menacing, courageous, and so on. But they are posing and not telling their stories.

What is the conflict between characters and how is it expressed in the pages without any words added?

Visual storytelling, for me, is the most important skill to master as a comic book artist. It is similar to storyboarding for animation. The emphasis is not on the final rendition, on how good things look. It's focused on how well they read for a reader, whether you are using stick characters or the most realistic rendering ever.

If I go to you pages and complain about the storytelling, please forgive me. I am totally biased towards storytelling after all.


paul brian deberry
08-30-2017, 08:29 PM
Good post. I have similar feelings.