View Full Version : Artist Wanted for British Superhero Comic

08-12-2017, 05:48 AM
I am looking for an artist to collaborate with on a mini series. The project is a modern take on British superheroes, a grittier take and in places darkly humourous. It centres around Amir Malik a (at least partially) radicalized British Muslim who is arrested and experimented on by the British government as a part of thier war on terror. Both sides in this conflict are seen as 'baddies'.

I have a full set of character descriptions and am working on a more detailed series synopsis and a full script for issue one.

I am looking to submit this to a small press publisher so in the first instance he artist will need to complete 6 full pages of art plus a cover. They will need to be committed to producing the full 6 issues if (when) this gets accepted.

Please send examples to thomas.h.pugh@outlook.com