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08-12-2017, 01:38 AM
Hey guys I'm looking for a writer for an actual movie.
I am a writer myself but not the best at dialogue. I need someone to help me put things together.

Looking for someone who can write deep and emotional stories but also fun and quirky.

Here is the story idea-

Two Power Rangers are sucked into a world similar to DC comics. The Pink Ranger has her powers in tact and continues using her abilities in this new world. Milton on the other hand did not have his powers upon entering this world. He settles in this world and soon gets married.

During a trip to Mexico he stops a thief from robbing his wife and the bar. Later the thief returns with is Super Villian cousin and relatives seeking revenge. In the fight Milton's wife is killed and worse once Milton is out of the hospital he is charged with starting a fight. There is nothing Milton could do against the 5 bandits and 1 super powered Villain.

He travels back to the US looking for help from the "Justice League". No one is able to help him. Mexico is out of jurisdiction and it is a small crime on the grande scheme of things. He soon befriends the lesser "Justice League" members, 1 computer nerd and 1 healer, who usually stay in house doing desk type superhero work.

Milton is a hero at heart and decides he needs "more power". Remember Milton is from a world like the Power Rangers. Every time they could not defeat a villian they always got a new weapon or power up.

Milton travels this world looking for power which he finally finds.

At one point Milton's ideology clashes with the JL especially when he goes for revenge in Mexico.

He becomes a street hero attacking lower crime and finding missing persons. He begins to Garner support and in the long run he decides crime and violence must be stopped and he feels the Superheroes are too lenient and rely on the "justice system" too much.

He realizes he has the power to change things and will do it his way.

He ends up forming his own group, forms a coup that results in a war, which he wins. Many heroes die along with villains. Many heroes leave.

Fast forward and Milton is the ruler of the world and has brought about peace through quick and decisive decisions along with technology.

(Examples of Milton's policy: Using the telepaths combined with technology to solve every missing persons case. Once he finds the murderers and bodies and shows the evidence on live Youtube. He kills them live on TV for everyone to see, using that same technology he finds all the robbers in the world and has them turned into slaves till they pay off their debt to the family they stole from."If they stole the camera then they must return a camera and if they could not replace the pictures then they were forced to follow the family around as a slave and be an instagram slave. )

His methods are harsh but basically what people in general would want to do to killers, murders and terrorists.

When asked what gives him the right he says "Cause I have the Power."

People begin to love him until one day he makes a really big mistake.
One day monsters creep out from inside the Earth. He cannot stop them by himself or his small team and with all the world's ex villians and heroes dead or missing he cannot win. Finally he decides to use some technology to give everyone super powers and thus give them a fighting chance against the monsters. However the "Fog" that is released to give powers works for a few weeks and humans can fight the monsters but given the monster DNA in the air as well it merges with the FOG and turns humans into rabid, super powered, zombie monsters. ....

Milton sees the world go to hell and secludes himself away and tries to protect as many humans as possible in a dome city. At one point he gets desperate and tries to kill himself. Unable to kill himself, due to too much power, he sends his ultimate foe back in time to try to kill himself in the past when he has less power. ....

Enter our heroine.

Looking for a writer.

Please contact me at ILoveKaijuFilm@gmail.com